Late Night Links 11/11

November 12, 2009

If you warm these links up, they’re just as delicious tomorrow

11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month

Pelosi wants to jail uninsured

John Stossel on Ft. Hood

14th Ft. Hood Victim

More on Ft. Hood

Stewart catches Fox News

Badass beer pong tables

Aaron Rodgers sack tracker

MU signs new Recruits

Text from last night of the day Runner Up

Emma Thompson Becoming an annoying politically active college girl

Gossip Girl 3 some? with Lizzie McGuire Yawn

Ambiguous Film Endings Resolved -I’m going back to grad school

Ten Weirdest Children’s Toy Commercials

Who will survive the apocalypse?

Modern Warfare 2 Characters

Modern Warfare’s Easter Egg (NSFW optional)

The Toad: Nature’s Sex Toy (NSFW, this can’t be unseen)

25 shopped Mona Lisa paintings

5 people not to friend on facebook

Dakota Fanning’s aging timeline

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