Are you read for Friday Marquette?!?

November 12, 2009

Since MU Basketball season and Year two of THE BUZZ is about to kick off in about 36 hours. This coming on the heels of signing Vander Blue, a 5* prospect that original committed to Madison. I feel like I want to share a few thoughts about the upcoming season and of course preview the upcoming game. Also at this point I’d like to point out that unless I refer to the team as MU, they’ll be Warriors to me.  Here’s the new Remember the Titan’s video preview… It always gives me chills.

— It was requested that I highlight the two videos posted at the bottom. They include friends of the blog and True MU super fans: @templon @bbaranowski and @dmaciejewski. I fancy myself something of a super fan, but these guys have a passion for the game that is unrivaled.

Here is the Behind the Scene’s video for in-game team videos:

I’m very excited to be able to get back to the Bradley Center. I haven’t been there since last year and I’m very excited to be back. Now some of you are going to ask why I didn’t go to the game vs. MSOE because that was technically an MU game. Well… I am superstitious I was at one exhibition game, and MU struggled against it, so therefore I don’t go to the games. This year I’m also retiring the Wes Matthews Jersey in favor of the MU sweater vest. Also I really have a craving for Bradley Center nachos.

So for the First game of the season: The Warriors take on the Centenary Gents (8-23, Summit League). You can read Rosiak’s blog on the game here. Look for this game to be similar to the MSOE game. Buzz will call time outs, not for strategy but to discuss what went wrong on certain plays with each individual player. Look for Buzz to get some interesting match ups and groups of guys out on the floor. In games like these, the score doesn’t matter as much as how well the team plays as a whole. These are learning games for a bunch of guys who are playing together for the first time

Here are Todd Rosiak’s projected starters for MU: It looks like it will be a 3 forward, 2 guard formation, which is the exact opposite as last year. Forwards will be Fulce, Lazar and Butler. Guards will be Cubillan and Acker. I was kind of surprised by this line up (mainly at the guard spots), but I understand that these are non conference games and starters doesn’t imply that they’ll play 30+ minutes. I really wonder if Cubillan is completely over his shoulder injuries and if Acker has the passion and leadership to run point for this team.  If we can the Cubillan from his freshman year that would be great.

I am a big fan of Joe Fulce and I hope that he can really play his way into a starter role. Or at least see good minutes when the Big East season rolls around. The same goes for Chris Otule. He seems like a different player. He doesn’t look lost on the court and I have high expectations for him. The same for Mbao. Every MU fan wanted so badly to have true big man to play with the big 3. Now we have two and quality play from big men leads to success in the Big East.

I also hope that Williams, DJO, Buycks and Maymon see a lot of quality play (10+ minues) If these guys can get on the floor and play well it will really help Buzz rest the starters. MU is deep for the first time that I can remember as well so it would be great to see these guys get good playing time in non-conference and BE games.

I bet that the team switches up their line up when the BE games start. DJO Buycks Maymon and Otule all have the potential to start. I bet Butler is the first player off the bench giving Buzz a great option if anyone gets in foul trouble early. I hope Fulce DJO and Maymon can play their way into starters roles with Lazar and Otule by the time the BE rolls around. Even if they don’t Buzz should have many options to keep some fresh players on the court.

A look at the season: MU is predicted to struggle this year. Though I’m not going to say something as douchy as what Mark Belling said. I remember how sports pundits weren’t expecting the success MU had in their first year in the Big East and look what happened. MU has the potential to surprise a lot of teams this year and build for the future. Junior Cadougan’s injury will hurt us this year but the signing of Vander Blue will really give us great options and the Guard spot for next year. I am still going to predict that MU sneaks into the NCAA tournament as a 8+ seed. We have a great balance of players (read: Big men) and some real depth and talent. This team will go far in the upcoming years.


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