Week 9 Picks

November 8, 2009

Its about that time when I put together my week 9 picks I was 7-6 last week by the way. NYG and some homer picks cost a few wins for me, however I did call a few upsets correctly, with Tennessee’s and Miami’s wins. Here’s a look at this weeks games.

Bye Team Buffalo, Cleveland, Oakland, St. Louis, Minnesota, NY Jets. Minus the Vikings a lot of these teams are in need of a bye to help them get their team together.

Washington @ Atlanta: Even though Dan Snyder has to apologies for his bad team, that’s not going to stop them from sucking. Atlanta needs this win to stay in the playoff hunt.

Arizona @ Chicago:  Both of these teams are 4-3, and both of them can turn their game on and off like a light switch. Last week Chicago was on, Arizona was off. I think Arizona turns their game on this week.  The last time this game was played this epic rant happened

Baltimore @ Cincinnati: I am going to pick Baltimore this week. Chad O-C is a little too confident in this game and I think he may be eating his words.

Houston @ Indianapolis: Houston is good, Indy is better. This one will be high scoring but Houston won’t be able to keep up, they don’t have a potent enough offense.

KC @ Jacksonville: Jacksonville needs this win after their embarrassment last week. I think they really put a pounding to KC on the ground in this one.

Miami @ New England: This is a big game. Miami ran the wildcat against NE in the past and confused them. I’ll pick Miami this week, but they need to get a solid run game going.

Green bay @ Tampa Bay: Battle of the bays isn’t what it used to be. Green Bay needs to get this win to keep in the playoff hunt and they will. Tampa Bay is awful.

Carolina @ New Orleans: Carolina’s D has showed up lately. Their offense can only run the football, if they can do that they have a chance, but Carolina’s D can’t cover all of the Saints WRs. Saints win.

Detroit @ Seattle: This isn’t a game people will want to watch.  I like to pick Detroit in games like theses, but In my head I know thats not the right move. I’ll have to go with Seattle.

San Diego @ NY Giants: NY Giants are coming off some bad beats, from undefeated to 5-3. San Diego was supposed to run away with their division but they haven’t gone anywhere. I bet NY Giants get back on track here.

Tennessee @ San Fran: Tennessee may have looked good last week, but that won’t be repeated. San Fran is still a good football team that has struggled lately. Tennessee may be able to run with them but not for a full 60 mins.

Sunday Night game: Dallas @ Philadelphia: I refuse to believe Philadelphia is a good football team. They have beaten some good teams. This game comes do to pass defenses. I think Dallas gets the edge here and beats Philadelphia in a close match

Monday Night Game: Pittsburgh @ Denver: This will be a great defensive game. Denver is coming off of a stunner vs Baltimore, I think they get their act together here and beat Pittsburgh in a low scoring defensive battle.


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