Two out of Three Aint Bad

November 4, 2009

Put two up in the W column for Republican’s tonight. Republican’s finally have something to brag about nationally. Which is probably a first since 2004. When the residents of New Jersey and Virginia, both of which went heavily towarads Obama in 08, wake up tomorrow morning they’ll have elected a new governor. Historically the party of the sitting president has never done well in the first mid terms, and if this momentum continues to move in Republican favor the 2010 midterms will be no different.

In Virginia Republican’s got huge wins as they swept the ballot. This race was over long before it began. There was virtually no questions that McDonnell was going to win and win handily. Historically the party of the sitting president has never retained or won the governorship in Virginia (quoting Carl Cameron there, so if I’m wrong, he’s wrong). Most of the fault of the campaign can be placed squarely on the shoulders of Creigh Deeds. He tried to distance himself from Obama but still used him in the race.

In Virginia, the Republican had been favored to win the race after leading by double digits in almost every pre-election poll. The race hinged in large part on economic concerns — McDonnell pitched himself to voters as the “jobs governor.”

With all precincts reporting, McDonnell had 59 percent and Deeds had 41 percent.

In his victory speech from Richmond, McDonnell pledged “actions and results” over the next four years, promising to pursue job creation while keeping taxing, spending and regulating to a minimum.

“We will leave Virginia better than we found it,” he said.

Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling also won a second term Tuesday, defeating Democrat Jody Wagner. And Republican state Sen. Ken Cuccinelli was the winner of the race for state attorney general, beating Democratic state Del. Steve Shannon.

In New Jersey, things were a little closer and a bit dicey. Chris Christie didn’t top the 50% mark but took home enough to defeat his democrat opponent by 4+%. Both sides are preparing for a legal battle in this one. Expect some recount demands and hopefully some corruption investigations.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Christie had 49 percent and Corzine had 45 percent. Independent candidate Chris Daggett trailed with 5 percent.

The crowd chanted Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan, “Yes we can,” as Christie took the stage.

Corzine earlier called the race a “long, hard-fought campaign” in his concession speech and pledged to ensure a smooth transition.

The New York 23rd is the only thing that democrats can hang their hat on tomorrow and leaves Republican Party top brass with egg on their face. It’s a usually GOP breaking seat that Republicans were unable to take when they stupidly endorsed leftist DeDe Scozzafava for congress. There are some ‘moderates’ in the GOP that will claim DeDe as one of their own, but I hardly believe she had a single opinion that aligned with the GOP. However DeDe ran the shittiest campaign in (probably) history and for that she was forced to drop out a week before election. And in a temper tantrum fit for a 5 year old when they don’t get their way, she endorsed the democrat. Republican’s were left with Doug Owens, a legit conservative. He had a shot at winning and probably could have if he had another week in the race, but that wasn’t the option and the Dems got the seat by about 3%. Sadly Scozzafava ended up getting about 6% of the vote which may have made a difference.

Because of the NY 23rd, I would still be calling for a RNC shake up of top RNC leaders. Republican’s should have won this race.

Elsewhere the great state of Maine exercised it’s veto power and defeated the same sex marriage law. This is a real shot to the pro-gay marriage crowd. And here’s a newsflash for you: No state (zero, none) has approved same sex marriage at the ballot box while residents in over 30 have rejected a pro same sex marriage amendment.  At this point you have to admit that over 30 states out of 50 to reject a pro same sex marriage amendment means you are fighting an extremely uphill if not unwinable battle.

The victory for the one man-one woman crowd was shit on first by everyone’s favorite stupidest RINO Meghan McCain via her equally annoying twitter. We still don’t mind her, she’s got a great set of … She’ll just do more good if she kept her mouth shut. The Mug Rack Warns you not to ready any tweets involving the Maine gay marriage issue, you’ll see who the real bigoted hate spewing group. But we already knew that…


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