One Year from Today

November 3, 2009

Now and again the Mug Rack likes to make a political post and here we’ll be covering the elections that will be happening in a year. First we’ll cover the races across the state of Wisconsin as those races become together.

Wisconsin Governor:

Though the democrats are yet to come up with an official candidate, the Republican’s side is pretty much settled.  There are two major candidates running for the Republican nomination. There are a handful of other side races but they have yet to make a major impact. Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and former Congressman Mark Neumann are the two major players. Walker has the money, the name recognition and the grass roots support. Neumann has a lot less of all of that. Though I’m not half as confident as campaign workers of the Walker team that claim this thing is in the bag and doubt Neumann will get over 30%, I will say that Walker’s the lead dog here, I personally lean towards him and I think he can win because his campaign is really running on all cylinders. HOWEVER a lot can happen in a year… a lot can happen in a month. I think Walker has the chance to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, though I don’t want him to do that.

For the Democrats you have this guy. Tom Barret, Dick Leinenkugal or Kathleen Falk may run, but that’s all up in the air.

The Lieutenant Governor’s race is getting extra busy though. For the Republican’s Ben Collins, Dave Ross, Jack Voight, Tom Farley and State Rep Brett Davis are all candidates for Lt. Gov. I don’t know too much about each candidate but here’s what I do know: Now Brett Davis is running because he’s a Republican in a very liberal district and doesn’t want to have a hard race every two years. Personally with Brett I question his conservative credentals. Is he Wisconsin’s Dede Scozzafava or is he a conservative that can’t bear his stripes? If he’s the latter he’ll be a good choice…Tom Farley is Chris Farley’s brother. Chris was a great man and a great MU alumni. If I had to make a personal pick I’d go with Tom. But in this race I will certainly support the party over the candidate and wish the best of luck to all of the candidates.

For the democrats it’s a real sh*t show. State Senators Spencer Coggs and Lena Taylor are both mulling runs… Yeah remember the last time Lena faced Walker? The only reason I’d encourage someone to vote for either of these two is to get them out of the district. Scott McDonell and  City Councilman Tony Zielinski are also running and I don’t have a lot of bad to say about them. Maybe one of these four potential candidates will balls up and run for Governor?

US Senate:

Russ Feingold has two potential challengers for Senate in 2010. I’ve always though of Feingold as a big d (by D I mean douche, not democrat), but apparently55% of Wisconsin disagree with me. They buy in to his moderate BS.  The two challengers are Dave Westlake and Terrance Wall. Dave seems to be a true Wisconsinite, a small business owner and family man. Terrance Wall is a developer from Madison who can self finance a campaign. If there is one thing that can beat Feingold in this climate it’s probably money. Russ has been put through the ringer by ex-wives and is pretty close to broke.  Either candidate on the Republican side would be a welcomed change from Russ but it will certainly be an uphill battle.

US Congress- there are not a lot of congressional races I will cover right now. Sensenbrenner, Ryan and Petri will be re-elected.  However there are two candidates that are attracting attention that are challenging major democrats, both of which are being jabbed at for being unbelievably  sexy.

Chad Lee is challenging Tammy Baldwin in the 2nd.  It will be a difficult battle in the people’s socialist republic but Chad is a young family man with a business background. I won’t hold it against him that he graduated UW-Madison.

Sean Duffy is trying to take out David Obey. Sean Duffy is my boy. If there is one race I want to see go to Republican’s, it’s this one. Sean, the former MTV Real Worlder, now married to another MTV Real World Alumni, is trying to take out one of the most powerful Democrats in the 7th district. The young, popular tech-savvy candidate has a good campaign going and I fear that at Obey’s age, if he actually has to do any hard campaigning, he’ll break his hip.  (Yeah it’s not like I have a man-crush on Sean or anything)

—  There are many State Senate and Assembly elections that deserve note, but there are so many, and so many candidates that haven’t officially declared yet, they cannot all receive comment at the current moment.



  1. Hi, I’m with the Brett Davis campaign and I stumbled across your website. I want to let you know a few things about him:

    1) Brett would not have been concerned one iota about his assembly race in 2010. He won with over 56% of the vote in 2008 in a very blue district with Obama on top of the ballot, and that number has been increasing steadily in every election he’s been in. He surely would have won in 2010 by an even larger margin. In fact, his biggest concern about running for Lieutenant Governor was to give up a seat that had become safe with his name on the ballot, with the potential of Democrats stealing the seat now that Brett has vacated. I can assure you that Brett is working very hard to make sure that we have a good candidate to succeed him in the 80th.

    2) Brett has a very solid conservative record, with a lot of great accomplishments during his time in office. Many incorrectly assume that he’s had to moderate his views in order to win in his district, but in fact he has won by getting to know just about every voter. He knocked on 15,000 doors every cycle, and just by speaking with the voters and explaining his conservative values he would earn their votes. A lot of folks, especially in rural areas, think that they’re Democrats even though they hold conservative views on virtually every issue. When Brett talks with them face to face they realize that he’s the candidate that they want to vote for, even though he’s got that (R) next to his name.

    3) Brett loves reaching out to bloggers from around the state to speak about these issues and more. If you are interested in having an interview with him just e-mail me back (I left my e-mail in the appropriate box above). Brett told me that if you give us your contact info, he’ll reach out to you.

    Thanks for your good work!

  2. Jeff-
    Thanks so much for the updates and clarifications. Coming from the Milwaukee area, I was never too familiar with the 80th, but I knew that the congressional district was a +15, even though it hints at being purpleish. Checking out Project Vote smart he seems more conservative than I first anticipated to be honest. Most of the Moderate stuff stems from the 2007 budget issue and the cap times article. Hopefully I’ll able to catch the (i’ll call it pending) interview with Charlie Sykes to see if he can officially sway me.

  3. No problem. I’m glad that you were able to learn more about Brett’s record. Be aware that Charlie Sykes has another horse in the Lt Gov race, and so he’s taken a bit to bashing the other Republican candidates (including Brett). So take what you hear on his show about Brett with a little bit of salt.

    And like I said, if you’d like to talk with Brett personally, just pass along your contact information to my e-mail (waksman.jeff (at gmail)). He’d be happy to speak with you.

    We’re still getting our campaign website up and running, so we don’t have any official campaign e-mail addresses at the moment, but that should all be ready to go in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, please visit Brett’s campaign on:


  4. Mayor Dave Ross was elected and re-elected in a heavily democratic area. Obama received over 65% of the vote in Superior and Dave Ross was re-elected with 62% of the vote.

    Dave Ross has not compromised on his fiscal conservative principles. He has contained taxes, reduce the debt, and created a smaller and more efficient government. He also has invested in economic development that has created jobs. Superior has the second fastest economic growth rate in the state of Wisconsin.

    Dave Ross is running on his record. The other Lt. Governor candidates should do the same.

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