Nightly Links 11/2

November 3, 2009

It’s November already, holy crap.  Here’s some links for tonight. They’ll still taste good if you save em for work tomorrow:

FML of the Night

Christopher Walken reads Poker Face

Rejected Mortal Kombat Fatalities

Top 10 Awesome Goalie Masks

120 Girls doing keg stands

8 things Banned in Disneyland

Cheesy Horror movie posters

Charlie Day Dances

More offensive Direct TV ads

Kim Kardashian... Why we love Halloween

Sexy Crazy movie character’s that are still hot

Create $250k worth of damage in 3 seconds

Honest Monopoly

Normal Activity -the movie

Muslim father Kills daughter for being too ‘American’ (Jesus wouldn’t do that)

Ammo Sales through the roof

Pelosi-care creates 111 new bureaucracies

This is what drunk driving has become in Wisconsin

Death of the Main Stream Media

Greatest Campaign Website ever -this has to be fake

Planned Parenthood director quits

59% say wrong direction


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