Week 8 NFL picks

November 1, 2009

Time to get in my week at picks. There are some great games out there this week and a lot of potentially high scoring contests. I am going by the the list in the news paper so it may not be in order of game time.

Vikings @ Packers. This game is going to be great. Packers at favored by the home field margin. I think Favre gets nervous screws up a little early. And Packers take advantage. Packers d has been good lately and Brett looks like he’s supposed to with ints everywhere.

Denver @ Baltimore: this game is going to be a great defensive battle if that’s you’re thing. I think Denver beats Baltimore in a close one and stays undefeated.

Cleveland @ Chicago: Chicago has sucked lately but this is their week to turn it around. Cutler will get back on his feet and toss a few Tds.

Houston @ buffalo. Buffalo can’t score and Houston is potent. Watch Houston tear them apart.

SF @ Indianapolis: I wish sf would win this game but they are going with a new qb this week. The colts d will own SF this week.

Miami @ Jets: jets are favored here. But the fins nearly beat the best offensive in the league last week. They’ll win here.

St. Louis @ Detroit: this game will be bad. I want Detroit to win because i don’t think they are that bad.

Seattle @ Dallas. Seattle has no consistency. It’s rough. Dallas should roll here depending on what Seattle shows up.

Oakland @ San Diego: I hate the raiders and never want them to win again after how the embarrassed me. San Diego by a mile.

Jacksonville @ Tennessee: I am calling an upset here. Titans get their first w now that Vince Young is their Qb.

Panthers @ Cardinals: cardinals should roll against a bad panthers team.

Giants @ eagles. Giants. Should win a close one depending on which eagles team shows up.

Atlanta @ New Orleans: not sure how high scoring this game will be but it could be huge. Saints will win but I bet Atlanta keeps up with then.


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