NFL Week 7 Review

October 28, 2009

I waited a little bit of extra time on posting the results from last week’s NFL games, but I didn’t forget. I rolled the dice on a few upset predictions this week, not all of which worked out…


Green Bay @ Cleveland: The Packers really bullied the Browns this week. Ryan Grant ran the football very well and Rodgers made people say “Brent Who?” for another week in a row. Packers outgained the Browns 460 to 139. (+1)


SF @ Houston: Houston held off a late charge by the Niners here, neither team could gain a lot of yards on the ground. Alex Smith stepped into the QB role for SF and Vernon Davis caught 3 TD passes, so there were highlights for SF. (+1)


SD @ KC – LT had a season high 76 yards. Hearing that you’d expect the worst from the Chargers but Rivers lead the passing game with 3 TDs and KC decided not to show up.  Even SD special teams look good after a disappointing Monday vs. Denver. (+1)


Minnesota @ Pittsburgh: Even though the Steelers D gave up huge yards through the air, they came through in the end with 2 defensive TDs. One was  a 4th quarter pick that made Brett Favre look like the Brett Favre of last year.  That sealed the game.  Even though I picked the Queens I’m happy here. (-1)


Indianapolis @ St. Louis: Manning had 3 TDs as the Colts routed the worst team in the NFL. No more needs to be said. (+1)


New England “@” Tampa Bay: The Patriots routed Tampa bay in Old England. Brady had 3 Tds of his own and Tampa needs a new QB.  (+1)


Buffalo @ Carolina: I was wrong; Buffalo won a close boring game 20-9, even though Carolina had a respectable running game. Carolina got a safety so they got that going for them.  4 turnovers will hurt though.  (-1)


NY Jets @ Oakland:  Umm… Oakland? What happened. 38-0 makes me look foolish. 4 turnovers must have hurt.  (-1)


Chicago @ Cinci: I’ll pat myself on the back here. Chicago’s D isn’t clicking. Matt Forte sucks. 45-10 is an embarrassment the end.  (+1)


Atlanta @ Dallas: Tony Romo to Miles Austin is a pretty successful deal.  Dallas torched Atlanta in a higher scoring game. (-1)


New Orleans @ Miami: Miami should be very upset over this game, they had it. Up 24-10 at half with a great running game but allowing the Saints 22 fourth quarter points is devastating.  The teams combined for 7 total turnovers but New Orleans took one back for a TD. (+1)


Arizona @ NY Giants:  News Flash: The Giants look less giant after losing their second straight. A Good defense with 4 turnovers and passing game by Arizona lead the way.  (-1)


Philadelphia @ Washington:  Forget their record; Washington is much worse than they look. DeSean Jackson ran for and received 60+ yards and a TD both ways. Redskins committed 4 costly turnovers, a few of which were embarrassing. Washington’s problems start with management. Dan Snyder is a douche, every NFL fan should feel bad for Jim Zorn.  (+1)


Final Verdict 8-5 this week, a little bit rough but I took some chances and they didn’t pan out.


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