Wisconsin Democrats without a candidate

October 27, 2009

UPDATE BREAKING: We are receiving news that WTAQ news talk show host Jerry Badder is stating on his blog that he no longer has confidence that his sources are correct about the Barbara Lawton rumor.

Here is Badder’s Blog.

11:23 am Statement from Jerry Bader concerning the Barbara Lawton Story:

“I have lost confidence in the sources that provided information yesterday regarding Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton. Therefore i [sic] cannot stand by the story posted yesterday”.

UPDATE II: Here is a story from 620 WTMJ with Lawton’s denial and a link to a story from 1310 WIBA’s radio interview of Barbara Lawton.

—— The following blog post will remain up as a matter of reference. We no longer stand by the claims that Lt. Gov. Barb Lawton has had an extramarital affair of any sort and will continue to update this with information if any more comes in. ——

BREAKING: OH My God it was because Babs was a lesbian.

So current Lieutenant Governor Barb Lawton decided to drop out of the race for Wisconsin governor because of “very personal reasons.” As it turns out, these very personal reasons were because she has a scorned lesbian lover (this has yet to be reported by the Milwaukee MSM). Apparently Barb Lawton’s open marriage arrangement and her relationship with women is a badly kept Madison secret. However it’s new to me.  It seems as though a scorned former lesbian lover was threatening Lawton to expose those relationships, with some sort of visual evidence of the relationship. This scorned lover is also a member or staffer is a member of the Doyle Administration.  Guess who Babs may be getting a visit from now.

Two thoughts come to mind on hearing this: A) Why is it so bad to have a lesbian Governor? We already have a lesbian congresswoman and a gay senator. Granted the fact that those were extramarital relationships and she has two children and four grandchildren. B) Who will now seek the Democrat nomination?

Personally I’d like to see someone like Gwen Moore, Jeff Wood or Lena Taylor run for Democrat nomination for Governor. but that’s just because I’d like to see Republicans get 60+% in this election.

Seriously though, right now with Rep. Ron Kind deciding not to run Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett looks to be the front runner if he chooses to run. It has been said that Barack Obama will be leaning on Barrett to announce his campaign for governor. Republicans will thank Barack Obama for this. By the time the elections roll around in 2010, Democrats will be eager to distance themselves from BHO.

There are very few other plausible democrat candidates for Governor at this point. Kathleen Faulk perhaps? But she has lost two state wide races already. Or Dick Leinenkugel? The problem with Dick is he is the Secretary of Commerce under the Doyle Administration and the Wisconsin economy has been in the toilet since Democrats took over.

With all of these major players out of the picture I think the door opens back up for Diamond Jim Doyle to seek another term as governor. He has the money, and without a major candidate I would go so far as to say that he will step back into the race somewhere between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Of course this goes out the window if the democrats get their act together, but don’t think Jim won’t “pull a Brett Favre”

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