Week 7 NFL picks

October 25, 2009

Oops nearly forgot to do these but here they are:

Green Bay@ Cleveland: If the Packers can get a hold of their turnover issues and can keep the ball away from Josh Cribbs this should be an easy win for Green Bay

SF @ Houston: this should be a big offensive game. Houston at home is probably what will put this over the top. I’d say Houston wins a close but high scoring game

San Diego @ KC: KC is coming off playing football and SD hasn’t. I think San Diego still wins if they can get their run game together.

Minnesota @ Pittsburgh: I like picking against Minnesota right now, but Pittsburgh isn’t as good as people think they are. I think Minnesota wins another game even though I wish they wouldn’t.

Indianapolis @ St. Louis: if you have any colts on your fantasy team: start them. Peyton should pick apart the St. Louis D.

New England @ Tampa Bay: See above. After last week’s 45 points, Brady should be able to do it again. This game is in England too so that’ll be fun.

Buffalo @ Carolina: If Carolina can get their running game together, they should win. Buffalo can’t score, that’s their problem. Carolina should win a close, boring game.

NY Jets @ Oakland: Oakland won last week against the Eagles and the Jets aren’t playing that well lately.  I bet Oakland gets another win.

Chicago @ Cinci: I think Cinci wins this game. I don’t want them to. Chicago’s offense just isn’t clicking the way the Bengals O is. Look for Cinci to score often.

Atlanta @ Dallas: Dallas has had some time off. But Atlanta has been playing good football lately. I think this game should have some offensive power, with Atlanta just out playing Dallas.

New Orleans @ Miami: It doesn’t matter how many ways Miami runs the wild cat; New Orleans has such a potent offense that they’ll be able to outscore Miami no matter what.

Sunday Night Game:

Arizona @ NY Giants: Arizona has been playing better than normal football and the NY Giants are coming off a tough loss against the Saints. I think the Giants are just too good of a team for the Cards to beat.

Monday Night Game:

Philadelphia @ Washington: Philadelphia lost to the Raiders last week and they are going to be out for a fight.  Washington isn’t that good. I think Philadelphia comes out swinging and gets back on track versus the “coached in name only” Redskins.

Bye Teams: Denver, Detroit, Tennessee, Baltimore, Seattle

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