Paranormal Activity

October 24, 2009

I caught this movie the other night with my friends and I am still getting chills. It was the scariest movie I’ve seen in theaters and perhaps ever. Normally movies don’t scare me. Sure I may get jumpy during the surprising and suspenseful scenes but I don’t really get scared after leaving the theater… until now. In fact, last night that movie caused me to lose my interest in sleeping.

This movie was frightening and exciting. The filmmakers did a very good job of creating a tense atmosphere. I was often just as excited as I was nervous to see what the film maker would do next to scare the audience. Virtually everyone in the theater was scared during some point in the movie (just based off their reaction). Based off the fact that everyone reacted to the subtle (and not so subtle) One thing that made the experience even scarier was how the theater next to the one I was in was playing the movie as well, just 30 minutes ahead. Screams of the patrons in that theater could be heard, adding to the anticipation.

For those of you who need a bit more of a story to the movie: The film was made in the same style as Blair Witch, where the actors are also the camera operators. There is a small cast of about four-five individuals, but the whole movie focuses on Katie -who’s being haunted and tormented by a demon- and her boyfriend Micah -who takes it upon himself to tackle the demon-.  The movie uses a slow plot build format where the interactions with the demon become more and more frequent, dramatic and intense.  Micah like any good protagonist/boyfriend commits every horror movie gaff possible, making the whole situation worse, to the point where I was looking at my friends and saying “call the demon guy” or “Go get a priest!” Instead Micah provokes the situation and makes things worse.

There are about half a dozen scenes that are still ingrained my mind and give me chills, but I won’t highlight them because I don’t want to give anything away. . There was only one minor detail that left me shaking my head and ending left something to be desired and I would like to see the alternate endings (WARNING: Spoilers).  Since the movie frightened me as much as it did, the one thing that I used to keep me laughing was how Micah and Katie reminded me of Jim and Pam from the Office, just to keep myself from getting too scared.

The Ultimate Verdict is I recommend seeing this movie if you can handle a tense and terrifying yet subtle film experience.  Skip Saw MXIV and see Paranormal Activity instead. If you can’t handle being scared, this movie is not for you.


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