Thrsday Night Links 10/22

October 23, 2009

With all that good TV on I figured I’d wait to post some cool stuff:

Text from last night of tonight

I like Cardiff… it’s fun and my family is from there

The Rules of Cheating (for Steve Phillips)

Windows Launch party

This is not Dining Out

The Sad part is, this happened to some poor kid

College Obits

Contessa Brewer is a real dumbass

24 hottest women in motorsports (and Ashley Judd)

Georgetown is full of Douchebags

Perfect your beer pong shot

Pumpkin’s vomiting

Obi-Wan’s real thoughts

3D motivational poster

Horror films reviewed at 10 and 24

Your new career

10 things every father should teach their son

This is why you don’t live wit bitches

More on how Not to run a congressional Race

More on Rep Jeff Wood

Charlie Crist not doing so hot

Gayest. Video. On. The. Internets

Palin book already in parody form

Worst Poll drop in 50 years


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