Marky Mark Belling just doesn’t get sports

October 22, 2009

Normally, I like Mark Belling’s radio program. Normally. He’s pretty good when it comes to local stories and political analysis. He even has moments where he is funny. I’ll go so far as to say that he may be the best in Milwaukee in terms of local political talk. I mean the guy has filled in for Rush so clearly he’s had some success. I really like Charlie Sykes too however. I think he does just as good of a show.

HOWEVER there are times when he is painfully stupid and no I am not talking about the times he’s overly arrogant and annoying to callers. I am referring to when he talks sports.

The only thing worse than Mark Belling talking sports is when he allows his listeners to call in. Mark Belling’s listeners are remarkably stupid when it comes to sports talk as well. But in this case, he decided to bash Marquette basketball. Maybe Mark is just your typical whiny Badger fan that hasn’t accepted that he’s a loser yet. Maybe he has an unnecessary vendetta against Marquette. But one thing is true: He’s 100% wrong.

Cracked Sidewalks did the job of collecting all of Mark’s ridiculous quotes about Marquette Basketball: (They’re from the 2nd half of the 1st hour if you need to listen to the podcast)

“Marquette is going to be terrible this year”
“The program is imploding under Williams, they are recruiting thugs and guys are quitting the team”
“Maybe he’ll be able to hang onto his job”
“Buzz has been a wrecking crew for that program”
“Marquette appears to be in shambles”
“Vander Blue could save Buzz’s job ..

He’s probably wrong on all accounts here. What Mark doesn’t seem to get here is MU Loves Buzz.  We love Buzz more that we could ever love TC.  He has been accepted by the community in a remarkable way and looked upon as a hero by a majority of the MU community. There is no way MU would ever want to lose Buzz.  So Marky Mark, let’s establish that Buzz Williams’ job is by no means in jeopardy and he is not wrecking the program.

For Belling to attack the recruits shows how uninformed about MU basketball he is. Did MU recruit a person who committed a crime? Yes. Will he ever come to MU? Not anymore. You can’t blame Buzz for this one, and things like this happen in a lot of programs. Also, to say that a player quit the team is really spinning a story about a player that was overwhelmed by the program.  It was best for both sides when Brett Roseboro left the program.  To blame Buzz for this kid quitting the team is really off, especially about a player that wouldn’t have made an impact on the team.  Now the Mo Acker situation is somewhat different of a situation that I do not have all the information on and can only speculate. I knew that Mo Acker and Jerel McNeal were good friends and that’s why Mo transferred here. I suspect that Mo didn’t want to play without Jerel and that’s why he decided to not play this year, but came back because of the injury to Junior Cadougan. But even if you want to blame both of things on Buzz, you still have to give Buzz credit for being the best recruiter in MU basketball history since Al McGuire, with Vander Blue (the 22nd best basketball player in the country) currently being at the top of his recruiting resume. In one year, Buzz has already successfully recruited amazing JUCO players, Guards, Forwards and big men. YES Buzz recruited a big man, something Tom Crean could never do.  He’s gotten players from all over the US and Canada (and Senegal) and he’s stolen players out from under Madison’s nose, from the best high school basketball program in the state.

Now for him to say MU is terrible this year is the closest to a correct comment he made in the entire rant. MU may have a down year, especially now that MU has suffered some injuries. Now I’m more optimistic than most when it comes to MU’s team for this season.  I remember when MU first entered the Big East and beat UConn. I think the team we had in 2005-06 is just as talented as the team we have for the 2009-10 season and we have the potential to surprise a lot of people again, especially since the Big East lost a lot of talent to the NBA. MU has the potential to remain a competitive team in the Big East and get back into the NCAA tournament for their six year in a row. (We’ll be calling Marky Mark in April so he can admit that he was totally and completely wrong about MU basketball)

Here’s one last message to Mark: you’re on 1130 WISN. Not sports talk, not ESPN Radio. Leave all the sports to people who know what they are talking about. The guys on those channels don’t talk politics, they leave that to you.

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