NFL Review Week 6

October 21, 2009

Well the trading deadline has come and gone without any major deals, which is sad to see. As it seems many teams are waiting until the off season to sell off their players for draft picks.

As for this run down of this weeks games:

Houston @ Cincinnati: On the arm of Matt Schaub Houston took down the Bengals -Didn’t I call that?-. Cinci could never really get their rushing game going and thats what hurt them.

Detroit @ Green Bay: From the first play of the game, Detroit never had a chance. Green Bay gave up a lot of yards via penalties but Detroit never got on the board. Dante Culpepper went down to injury, but that was a good think because he couldnt lead a high school team to the state playoffs. It was the Packers’ 19th win against Detroit in Wisconsin.

St. Louis @ Jacksonville: this was nearly an upset. Jacksonville needed some extra time to seal this game. Mo-Jo Drew was able to touch the painted grass three times to lead the Jags to victory.

Baltimore @ Minnesota: Well Brett Favre looked like BF. He lead a 4th quarter comeback. But he shouldn’t have had to do that. Ray Rice torched the Vikings defense and if it wasn’t for a little Wide left incident, the Vikings would have been handed their first loss.

NY Giants @ New Orleans: The Giants really didn’t look like the Giants. New Orleans looked amazing. A great offensive performance by the Saints really did in the G-Men. Drew Brees went for 369 and 4tds. They look like the best team in the NFC and the Giants look a fading 3rd best.

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh: Big Ben threw for over 400 yards as he flushed the Browns. Josh Cribbs had some great returns, that was the team highlight.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay: This was a battle of the running games. Both teams ran all over each other but Carolina really took it to Tampa Bay’s defense with a late run, though neither team’s passing game could get their act together.

Chiefs @ Redskins. Mr. Irrelevant kicked 4 field goals to help the Chiefs beat the Redskins. The Redskins are a real pathetic team with a head coach in name only and had to bench their starting quarterback… sad

Philadelphia @ Oakland: Looks like the Eagles overlooked the Raiders a bit eh? Maybe its time to start Kevin Kolb for good eh?

Arizona @ Seattle: Kurt Warner lead a solid passing attack against an inept Seattle. Seattle has a real rollercoaster of an offense. 40+ points one week, 3 the next.

Tennessee @ New England: It was a little early for snow but Tom Brady didn’t mind. A 35 point second quarter and 59 points over the game really embarrassed the Tennessee defense. They may be the worst team in the NFL

Buffalo @ NY Jets: The Bills had a decent passing game and the Jets had a decent run game, but Matt Sanchez really looked like a rookie giving up 5 interceptions. Bills took down an overtime victory.

Chicago @ Atlanta: Both quarterbacks had decent games but Chicago couldn’t get their offense together in the Redzone. Atlanta squeeked out a victory 21-14.

Denver @ San Diego: DENVER is undefeated. Eddie Royal can really run back kicks and Kyle Orton has only thrown 1 interception this year and that one really doesn’t count. This team is really good. San Diego didnt look bad but they had running game troubles and poor defense.

This week I only picked 2 games wrong, Baltimore/Minnesota and Oakland/Philadelphia. 12-2 is a pretty good week.

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