Week 6 NFL Preview

October 18, 2009

Week 6 in the NFL starts tomorrow, the trading deadline is upon us and it’s time to break down everything that happened and will happen tomorrow.

The Bears came up with a steal Friday night acquiring Bucs DE Gaines Adams for a 2nd round draft pick in the 2010 draft. Adams has been underachieving but there is a tremendous upside. This does leave the Bears without a first and second round pick next year though.  And it also cuts them out of the TO chase.

Look for TO, Josh Cribbs, Brady Quinn, and Derrick Johnson to be some of the players that are moved before Tuesday’s deadline.

Looking at this weeks gamnes:

Houston @ Cincinnati: Houston could easily have a better record than their 2-3 indicates. Cinci’s rushing game is on, but Houston has a great front. I think Houston pulls off a upset win on the arm of Matt Schaub.

Detroit @ Green Bay:  Green Bay may have been struggling lately, but they are coming off a bye week and they don’t want to lose another inner division team. Detroit played very well last week against Pittsburgh, but this game is at Lambeau and Green Bay will get the W.

St Louis @ Jacksonville:  Jacksonville was torched last week, but so was St. Louis. If Jacksonville get’s its running game together but this could be the week St. Louis gets their first win, but I doubt.

Baltimore @ Minnesota: Baltimore has lost two close games and Minnesota is coming off two impressive wins. This game will come down to defensive play. I think this Baltimore picks up a win as Ed Reed makes Brett Favre look like he’s supposed to.

NY Giants @ New Orleans: Battle of two unbeaten teams. NY Giants QB Eli Manning could be still hurting but both teams have high powered offenses and good running games. I give the advantage to the home team and think New Orleans will stay unbeaten.

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh: Since Cleveland is pretty much in shambles, I think this game can be won handily by Pittsburgh. Troy Polamalu is returing this week and Rashard Mendenhall is on a hot streak so keep and eye on both of them.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay: Carolina is 1-3 and Tampa Bay is winless. This came is pretty much a coin flip between two terrible teams. I give the edge to Carolina given Tampa Bay’s inept offense.

Kansas City @ Washington: I think Kansas City is under rated for an winless team. Washington is a surprising 2-3 and falling apart internally. I think Kansas City can get their first win of the season since they nearly beat Dallas last weekend.

Philadelphia @ Oakland: Donavan McNabb should be playing harder now that Rush Limbaugh can’t be owner (yet). Oakland is awful and has no offense. They’ll get lit up.

Arizona @ Seattle: I think Seattle’s win last week was a fluke and don’t plan to see too many more like them. Arizona still has a great offense. Look for that to get going Sunday as they beat up Seattle

Tennessee @ New England: Tennessee should start Vince Young this week. They’ll still get beat pretty badly by New England.

Buffalo @ NY Jets: This is TO’s chance to prove that he’s still a top level receiver and get traded. Jets should be able to tear through the Bills.

Sunday Night Game:

Chicago @ Atlanta: The addition of Gaines Adams won’t be able to stop Matt Ryan, I think Chicago will be able to put up a good fight in this game and it should be an entertaining game but Atlanta’s offense will click better than the Bears.

Monday Night Game:

Denver @ San Diego: Did you know Denver is undefeated? Did you know San Diego is an unimpressive 2-2? The Broncos beat New England last week too. If Denver can stop the run- which they will, they’ll win this game.  LT isn’t LT anymore

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