Late Night Links 10/14

October 15, 2009

Zach Braff is not dead!

TFLN of the day Runner up

Congressman Survivorman – Jeff Flake is a badass

Happy 99th John Wooden

Mr. T’s incredible infomercial

Badass rides to work

Don’t drive through puddles

You need Chipotleway

Drunk Guy at Convenience store

Another flow chart on your halloween costume

All of Kramer’s entrances

hotties at Women in sports event

12 Hot Geek Girls – Oliva Munn HOTTIE of the day

Mother of the year

Another Reason to hate Brent Farve

Another reason to hate viking douches

The only time you’ll see us post on the Bucks

Rush’s Rams

Shelia Jackson Lee on Rush’s Rams – She’s the worst congresswoman ever

Sports Headline Fail

Parents don’t want children singing praises to BHO

This may or may not be my fantasy

WTF of the day


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