More on Wisconsin Knows

October 14, 2009

So I have been doing some research on Wisconsin Knows (read: I did a Google search of it) and I’ve come across many conflicting results. Some are willing to toss around the idea

The North Shore Exponent (a conservative blog) attempts to link the Wisconsin Knows blog to Mike Tate and his “cronies” because of a similar worded press release.  Now since I’m not a subscriber to WisPolitics I can’t actually fact check this claim but its only claim this blogger makes… Funny I actually was going to claim that the NS exponent blogger was behind the Wisconsin knows website. The Chief agrees with me. That blog does a nice job of breaking apart WK. Go there and read his post. It’s easier than just reposting the post itself. Regardless the claim seems tough to believe, even if I haven’t read the press release. It just seems illogical that Tate would attack a player that barely has a pulse in the race. It’s seems like a waste of energy and instead the democrats should be shopping around for a candidate that could beat County Exec Scott Walker and quietly supporting a Republican that can knock a few kinks into Walker’s armor.  Maybe this is why I am too logical for politics.

Eye on Wisconsin (a liberal blog) attempts to do the opposite.  He attempts to link the Wisconsin Knows blog to the Walker campaign. He lists his reasons: Here are the reasons behind my wild speculation and I think they outmatch the right wing blogger’s:

  1. Walker disciples have already been quite vicious towards Neumann and his big boosters like Jim Klauser.
  2. Walker’s campaign has already delivered multiple “in your face” moments to Neumann.
  3. Walker enthusiast Charlie Sykes is the one that very publicly brought this issue up to Neumann in the first place.
  4. It didn’t take long for the “Scottforgov” blog* to post something questioning Neumann’s honesty on the issue.
  5. Not to mention, Mark Neumann is Scott Walker’s opponent right now.

The Scott for gov blog is doing the same thing Wisconsin Knows is attempting to do but that blog makes it known that it isn’t endorsed or supported by the Walker campaign.  I am going to go out and suggested that I think Eye on Wisconsin has a better case than North Shore Exponent, however it would be silly for Scott Walker’s team to blog about Neumann’s questionable business decisions when there is an independent voice doing it for them, especially when it is illegal for someone connected to Walker to blog anonymously about Neumann.  I would hope that someone is doing this independently, but for someone to have done as much research that the Wisconsin Eye fella has done indicates otherwise. I certainly don’t think that there is a democrat out there that is so misguided that they think they need to take out Mark Neumann because Scott Walker would be the easier candidate. However I also doubt the blog is run by someone directly connected to the Walker campaign. That seems like a waste of energy as well.

Neither campaign has mentioned anything about the blog, and I highly doubt they ever will unless a major radio show or blog goes to this site. Neumann has more at stake given the attacks but he’s yet to address any of those issues the blog brings up.

As for the Wisconsin Knows blog: It hasn’t had an update since the end of September, so maybe they’ve closed up. Or maybe there are in the midst of another huge post on a Republican candidate that continues to barely have a pulse in the race.


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