NFL Week 5 Recap

October 13, 2009

Man did I have a rough Sunday –football wise.  I picked a lot of games wrong, but I’m will to admit that I made some bad picks. I also had a rough fantasy football Sunday. Investing two weeks in a row in the San Francisco really burned me.  Everyone needs an off week I suppose. Lets breakdown where I went wrong:

Cincinnati vs Baltimore: Cinci is a better team than I give them credit for. They are a miracle week 1 catch by Brandon Stokley from being an undefeated team. Baltimore is really goo though. Don’t discount them. The AFC North looks like it’s going to be a real strong division this year.  Next week Cinci gets Houston and Baltimore travels to Minnesota

Cleveland @ Buffalo: What a waste of a game. Derek Anderson completed two passes.  Look for Brady Quinn to start again soon. Cleveland won though. Even if they only score 6 points, I guess it was enough. Give TO one more week before he demands a trade. Next week Cleveland has to go to Pittsburg and Buffalo has to travel to New York for the Jets.

Washington @ Carolina: Carolina’s defense helped them edge out a win versus Washington, with some help from a late offensive surge. Neither QBs were spectacular in this game and both teams are a long way from contending for anything. Both need changes at Quarterback and improvements need to be made across the board. Next week Washington gets KC and Carolina goes to Tampa Bay.

Pittsburg @ Detroit: This game was a scare of Pittsburg, which shows they aren’t the best team in their division and may struggle against tougher teams. Even without Matthew Stafford, Detroit looks like a better team that people give them credit for.  But Culpepper made some costly penalties proving that he is an average backup at best. Next week Detroit travels to Green bay, Pittsburg hosts Cleveland.

Dallas @ KC: If it wasn’t for a little late game heroics an a career game by Miles Austin KC would have a win and people would really realize how terribly overrated Dallas is. KC has some pieces in place for the future, but they are not good. Dallas will begin to struggle when it has some real tests but I will say this: It’s not Tony Romo’s fault. Roy Williams has fallen off the map, the run game isn’t what it should be and their defense can’t stop the place when it needs to happen. Dallas gets next week off while KC travels to Washington.

Oakland @ NY Giants: The Giants were so good that Eli didn’t have to play the full game. The Raiders are terrible. End of discussion. Next week Oakland gets Philly and NY Giants travel to New Orleans.

Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia: McNabb looked decent in his return, even if it was against Tampa Bay throwing for a handful of touchdowns.  Tampa’s lone shining spot was Kellen Winslow’s two TD grabs. Next week Tampa Bay gets Carolina and Philadelphia goes to Oakland.

Minnesota @ St. Louis: this game was just as I called it. Pretty lopsided in favor of Minnesota. The pass game was on and AP had another good game.  Next week St. Louis gets Jacksonville and Minnesota hosts Baltimore.

Atlanta @ San Francisco: Wow was I wrong here. SF got blown out. Atlanta really handled SF here. I am very surprised about this game.  Dre Bly is really looking foolish as well.  Talk about a wakeup call. Next week San Francisco has the week off to regroup and Atlanta travels to Chicago.

Houston @ Arizona: Even though both Quarterbacks were impressive, and Matt Schaub rallied Houston to make a decent come back, it was Arizona’s defense that put them over the top. The late pick 6 by Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was the difference maker. Next week Houston travels to Cincinnati and Arizona travels to Seattle.

New England @ Denver: the pupil beat the master this week in Denver. This was a great game that came down to the very end. Kyle Orton looks a lot better than the one from Chicago. Their wild horse offensive scheme was pretty cool and winning proves to heal all wounds, just ask Brandon Marshall. Next week Denver gets San Diego on Monday night and New England hosts Tennessee.

Jacksonville @ Seattle: I was way wrong here. What Happened to Jacksonville? Matt Hasselbeck and a hell of a return giving Jacksonville their worst loss since their inaugural season.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee: Chris Johnson is crushing my fantasy team. How bad are the Titians? At least Vince Young got a chance to play some mop up time. Peyton Manning Crushed the titans this week, but next week he’ll have off, whereas Tennessee’s woes should continue in New England.

Tonight Chad Henne played a great game for Miami and their 21 4th quarter points put them over the top of the Jets. Tomas Jones had a good game for the Jets and Mark Sanchez connected with his new WR Braylon Edwards, but that wasn’t enough. The Jets D couldn’t stop Miami.

Overall I went 1o-4.


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