NFL Week 5 Preview

October 11, 2009

The playoff picture is starting to get a little more clear, while some teams are starting to find themselves in must win situations. Look for some surprises this week with a lot of winless teams seeing their best chance to get their first wins, while other teams fall farther into the hole.

Cincinnati @ Baltimore: Two 3-1 teams, Cinci is actually surprisingly good. Baltimore is coming off a close game versus the Patriots. I think they have a strong enough offense to move to 4-1 and put Cinci at 3-2.

Cleveland @ Buffalo: This may be Cleveland’s best chance of winning a game. Buffalo needs to get the ball to TO and start up a run game to win. Cleveland isn’t any worse off without Braylon Edwards and I think they can pick up their first win this week.

Washington @ Carolina: This is Carolina’s best chance to get a win as well. Washington is not a good team but they may have more of an offense than Carolina. I still think Carolina has enough to finally get their first win of the year. Their defense will put them over the top.

Pittsburg @ Detroit: Pittsburg is a surprising 2-2 but they beat San Diego last week with a solid run game. They should be able to run the ball all over the Lion’s d on Sunday

Dallas @ KC: Dallas should be better than 2-2 and they need to win this week if they want to remain playoff worthy. KC needs a win just to look like a legit team. I think Dallas gets their act together this Sunday to move to 3-2.

Oakland @ NY Giants: This game is one of the easiest to call of the week. NY Giants are a very good team, even if Eli is hurt. They should be able to take down Oakland.

Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia: Though I object to Donavan McNabb being back in at QB they should be able to handle Tampa Bay easily.

Minnesota @ St. Louis: Minnesota won’t have to run their offense to win this game honestly. St. Louis can’t run the ball and if they gave up 3 ST/D touchdowns to SF, they are gonna have a rough 60 minutes against Minnesota.

Atlanta @ San Francisco: This should prove to be a great game. SF is coming off a great win and Atlanta is in great shape generally. I think San Francisco can pull of this win in this game, but it should be close either way.

Houston @ Arizona: Houston s definitely on the way up while Arizona is struggling a little bit being 0-2 at home. I think they’ll be able to edge out Houston this week to get their second win.

New England @ Denver: This has to be the game of the week. Undefeated Denver playing 3-1 New England. Both of these teams are cold weather teams, and its going to be cold in Denver on Sunday. I think Denver can pull off a win this week, but don’t count out NE.

Jacksonville @ Seattle: Hasselbeck or not, Seattle should struggle and Jacksonville should be able to run up and down the field.

Sunday Night Game

Indianapolis @ Tennessee: Tennessee is winless and Indy hasn’t lost yet. I suspect that this will be a high scoring game but Indianapolis should be able to continue their undefeated streak. Their defense should be able to hold up long enough to keep Tennessee from scoring at least once or twice.

Monday Night Game

NY Jets @ Miami: Jets newly acquired Braylon Edwards could help improve the Jets offense, but their defense is where their power lies. Chad Henne is still a young quarterback and it may be too much for the Jets to handle, even if the Dolphin’s run game is can really get going. Jets should move to 4-1 while Miami slips to 1-4.

Bye Teams: Chicago, Green Bay, New Orleans, San Diego.


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