Late Night Links Oct 7

October 8, 2009

For those of you who need something to keep you going through the night or something to start off your morning right:


Why Not go skiing?

Windows 7 is actually good

CNN allows Obama Cult Children to sing for health care

Bay Buchanan calls out McCain

Wicked NHRA Crash

A short list of people worthy of an ass kicking

7 thinks people do when they sleep walk

John Williams Rules

49 most influential men Well 48 and a presidential manboy

11 Alternative Dinosaur extinction theories

Kelly Clarkson is a chubster

So is Kevin Federline

This is the closest you’ll ever get to seeing Taylor Swift naked

CNN Fact Checks SNL Skit on Obama

Roger Goodell is trying to keep God out of the NFL

How did Palin write her memoir so fast?

25 sexy cow girls

College Firsts (its written by a chick from Wesleyan so…)

Non slutty Halloween costumes (as if you’d ever want a girl to wear those)

Teacup pigs

MLB Playoff predictions

12 Redic Sex Moves

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