Week four NFL Wrap up

October 7, 2009

Apologies for this coming on Wednesday but I’ve been sick for a few days really taking me out of commission.  Here is my wrap up of week 4 in the NFL

Chicago  vs. Detroit: Big win for the Bears statistically. Matt Forte had a big game and hopefully can stay on track for the rest of the season. Lions should just hope Matthew Stafford is healthy for the future.

Cinci vs. Cleveland:  Its surprising to have seen this game go into overtime. Bengals played pretty badly. Only thing to come out of this is the Browns were able to get rid of Braylon Edwards, who is ridiculously unproductive, for two players and two draft picks.

Oakland vs. Houston: I was right about Heyward-Bey. He was the player of the game for Oakland. He had one catch for 18 yards. That’s how bad Oakland played. Slaton should be on track for the Texans too after a good game.

Seattle vs. Indianapolis: I was wrong about Seattle, they scored 17 points. Peyton did get intercepted once but putting up 34 points makes up for that.

Tennessee vs. Jacksonville: Tennessee did not get its first win of the season. I was wrong there. David Garrard beat up the Tennessee D, and Chris Johnson struggles at RB

NY Giants vs. KC:  Matt Cassle didn’t do that badly on Sunday, but Steve Smith and Eli did amazing.

New England vs. Baltimore: Baltimore kept it close, and Brady didn’t put up amazing numbers, but a few costly drops and a BS Roughing the passer call gave NE the victory.

Tampa Bay vs. Washington:  I was right that it’d be the who cares game.  The teams combined for 29 points.  At least Chris Cooley did ok offensively.

Buffalo vs. Miami: I was really wrong about this game. Ronnie Brown torched Buffalo. Owens had decent yards but that was all.

NY Jets vs. New Orleans:  This game was kind of close and all about the run game. New Orleans got a good W.  Jets acquiring Braylon Edwards was pretty nice.

Dallas vs. Denver:  Dallas played a terrible game, Romo forgot what down it was and Kyle Orton did enough good to not lose the game.  Denver is still undefeated.

St. Louis vs. San Francisco: This game was amazing for fantasy team owners of the SF defense. 3 defensive/SP touchdowns and a shut out of St. Louis. Now the only person that loves St. Louis is Rush Limbaugh.

Pittsburg vs. San Diego: I was wrong here too. Pittsburg is a great team. Rashard Mendenhall was amazing. San Diego made it close at the end but just couldn’t get over the top

Green Bay vs. Minnesota: Favreageddon. Rodgers statistically had a great game. But the offensive line is terrible.  Green Bay’s defense did Ok but Favre is still Favre, and I hate him so much now.

I only got 4 games wrong this week, which isn’t so bad.  Favre’s win is still painful to talk about.  At least my fantasy team got back on track with help from Matt Forte and the SF defense.


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