NFL Preview Week 4

October 4, 2009

Like doing a wrap up for week three in the NFL, I want to do a preview of tomorrow’s games so here we go:

Week 4 in the NFL is not only the first bye week but also the first week people can start mentioning the word ‘playoffs’ by this point its clear that there are some teams that are just not going to make it this year. Be it injuries (Seattle, Miami) or just a poor team (Washington, Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Carolina, St. Louis, Kansas City, Detroit, Tennesse) some teams can already be considered eliminated, or well on the road to. Some teams are starting to emerge, and some teams are starting to surprise a lot of people (Minnesota, Denver NY Jets). Of course the teams that are dwelling at the bottom could still easily turn their season around, but that will be a real uphill battle. At two or three losses, those teams can lose no more than 3 more games for the rest of the season. That means 9-3 at least, depending on division. And on the flip side, there is nothing holding 3-0 or 2-1 teams from an epic breakdown, a tough schedule run or injuries that will cost them the season, but by the end of this week, it will be clear what teams have playoff potential while others fall away.

Games Breakdown:

Lions @ Bears: Matt Forte better have a big week or he’s done on my fantasy team. If he can’t get it done against the Lions, he can’t get it done at all. Lions may be a stylish pick because they won last week, but they are still the Lions playing in Solider Field. Not gonna happen this week.

Bengals @ Browns : The Bengals are a surprisng 2-1, while the Browns are a suprising 0-3, with a new quarterback. Brady Quinn may be done in the NFL if he can’t rebound from this benching. I would have liked the Browns to stick with Quinn for another week or two since Derek Anderson isn’t a whole lot better than Brady on paper. Browns should get a win at some point this season but Chad JOHNSON and Carson Palmer look back in sync and Cedric Benson has found a home in Cinci, they’ll move to 3-1.

Oakland @ Houston: Even if they have won a game (vs KC) they are still going up against the Houston offense with one of the best recievers in the league. Steve Slaton is having the same probs as Matt Forte. He should rebound this week. Oakland should just pray that  Hayward-Bey becomes relevant otherwise they will regret not drafting Crabtree.

Seattle @ Indianapolis: If Seattle’s offense scores more than 10 points be happy. Peyton should pick the Seahawks D apart.

Tennessee @ Jacksonville: Tennessee should not be 0-3. Chris Johnson is too good. The problem is they still struggle at QB and WR, maybe they should put Vince Young in. Especially if they lose this week. Even if Mo Jo-Drew rocks turf this week, Jacksonville struggles at WR as well. I think if Tennessee can run with Jacksonville early, they’ll carry through for the rest of the game and get their first win of the year.

New York G @ KC: New York Giants may not be the most showstopping team in the league, but they are good. KC, they aren’t. NY G stay undefeated, KC stays winless.

Baltimore @ New England: This could be the game of the day if not week. Baltimore is still really good, even if they don’t have a great offense, while New England looks like they are flawed, coming off their loss against the Jets. This game is too close to call. But I think New England’s D may prove too much for the young Joe Flacco. Both teams end the day at 3-1.

Tampa Bay @ Washington: The Who Cares game of the week. Both teams are bad, it’s just a matter of sucking less than the other team for 60 minutes. I think Washington has more weapons on offense and after losing to the Lions, may have extra motivation. Tampa Bay stays winless, Washington moves to a surprising 2-2.

Buffalo @ Miami: Miami has a rookie QB starting for the first time, that’s not good. TO is going to be extra motivated this week. I bet he breaks out for a big game and a few visits to the painted grass. Miami stays winless, Buffalo moves to 2-2.

NY Jets @ New Orleans: A battle of the undefeated. New Orleans only scored ten points lass week, and the Jets are coming off a win against New England, albeit a sloppy one. I speculate that Drew Brees is too much for the Jets D to handle. It’ll be close but Sanchez won’t be able to go score for score. New Orleans wins again. Jets lose thier first game.

Dallas @ Denver. Denver may be the most surprising 3-0 team. And if it wasnt for a miracle catch by Brandon Stokely they’d be 2-1. Dallas is coming off a bad game against the Carolina Panthers. Even though they won. Romo was less than stellar and the offense was not in sync. Even though Kyle Orton doesnt play a beautiful game, he does well enough. Don’t be surprised if Denver wins a 4th game in a row.

St. Louis @ San Fransisco: Even with out Frank Gore, Glenn Coffey should step up nicely against the terrible Run D of St. Louis. There is no way SF loses this game. and moves to 3-1 (A miracle pass and catch away from 4-0).

Sunday Night Game:

San Diego @ Pittsburgh: Both of these teams are very good. San Diego has a great defense and a high potent offense with or without LT. Pittsburgh can work the field and pick apart a defense with ease. This’ll be a very good game. I have trouble picking a winner though. I’d say San Diego gets the slight edge, because Pittsburgh has lost two games in a row and have been unable to score but SD hasn’t played well lately either.

Monday Night Game:

The most over hyped game in history of Sports. Brett Favre faces his old team in MN. The Vikings are 3-0 because Favre was able to throw a miracle pass to some unknown wide receiver. Outside of Percy Harvin the Vikings have little to desire at WR. Rodgers is statistically the better QB, and their Receivers are better as well. If the Packers can stop Adrian Peterson, Rattle Brett Favre and force turnovers they should win. Vikings just need to keep the packer offense off the field. Don’t be surprised if this game is played between the 30 yard lines, without either team able to get a real advantage and drives sputtering out before scoring. Vikings fans are going to think Favre can win another game on a miracle throw, but this game will prove to be too much pressure and watch the Packers win a close game.

I really hope because if the Vikings win, someone’s getting KO’d.

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