Tuesday Night Links

September 30, 2009

See we’re blogging more now but we still love posting some sweet sweet links

Text from last night (of tonight) Runner Up

On texting and dating -a must read

sex in dorms – an article

Honest letters on one night stands

Cycle of Chest Hair

7 Best Mexican Urban Dictionary entries

Whack off challenge

Why do women have sex?

Parties vs. Hangovers on Facebook Twitter and Google

Screech on Fox and Friends – I want to read his book

Marquette and Censorship

Jon wants back with Kate? -Who wants to get back with the Front Mullet sporting super bitch?

Jon fired from his TV show?

Japanese Sesame Street

Awkward facebook

Luckiest Kid Ever

5 douchy cars

25 funny google search suggestions

Dating Post-College

Bull gets his ass kicked – see 1:19

I give these kids a year -Seacrest told them to do this to boost ratings

Dallas Cowboy stadium official open

Erin Andrews situation gets broken down

Even the New York Times spots a Health Care Bill problem

Starting a business in Wisconsin? Don’t

Starbucks hates Town Hall meetings

Recession Hits Obamerchandizing

more awkward political family photos


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