NFL Breakdown week 3

September 29, 2009

Though I’ve been unable to for the first few weeks, I’ve wanted to add a weekly post to this blog about the previous weekend’s NFL games. I’m sorry it has taken til week 3 to get this but . Then I thought the post should be on Tuesday given the Monday Night games as well, but I’m not sure if I should wait this long. Anyways If I feel the urge to write about the games on Monday, then I’ll do that but  for this week  we’re doing it on Tuesday.

This week’s games were dominated by one issue: Quarterbacks

At this point right now after three weeks, there are many teams with QB issues. Seattle, St. Louis Philadelphia and Miami have all faced QB issues because of injuries. Bulger and Pennington both suffered injuries this week. Tampa Bay, Carolina, Tennessee, Oakland, Washington, Cleveland and Buffalo are also having issues with QB performance.  I would venture a guess that more than half of these football teams are going to try and change quarterbacks before the season ends. Washington, Miami and Philadelphia are in better situations than the other teams listed because all three of them have good young backup quarterbacks.  I really think Kevin Kolb is the future of the Philly offense; Chad Henne has potential and even though he’s a giant D-bag, Colt Brennan may be able to keep the quarterback spot in Washington long enough to keep the position warm for the Franchise QB.  I think Tampa Bay should give Josh Freeman a try, it’s not like they have much to lose. Thought I really like the basics of the Oakland offense, I really hope they continue to struggle as long as Al Davis is the owner.

Even thought Kyle Orton is the starting quarterback for Denver I can’t put that team on this list yet (in similar fashion the 49ers QB Shaun Hill is doing alright and SF should be 3-0). Denver is one of seven remaining 3-0 teams so until Kyle really starts to slip, Denver may have a serviceable quarterback that could get that team into the playoffs. Same goes for San Francisco. Does anyone in San Fransisco think that Michael Crabtree looks like the biggest dumbass on earth right now? Does anyone care? That kid could have had $4m+ ($16m guaranteed) per year with a huge signing bonus and endorsements as the next greatest wide receiver in the NFL. Now he’s going to sit out? What does that prove? It proves that he’s a baby with no economic forethought.  Guarantee he doesn’t crack the 1st round next year, he’ll have such a tarnished reputation and skill digression he won’t be what he could have been.  This kid should have realized how much a year off hurt Mike Williams.

As a side note to this debate, I was able to catch the ND/Purdue game with some friends on Saturday night and struck up a debate on Quarterbacks that would/could be entering the Pro-draft at the end of the season. I was surprised by two of their comments. A) Some seemed to suggest that Tim Tebow could be an NFL quarterback. Wasn’t it just one year ago when everyone said that if he was going to play in the NFL he’d have to convert to Tight End or something similar? I think he could have the potential to play NFL QB but team that takes him high in the draft better have a backup plan. B) Jimmy Clausen will be a talented NFL quarterback. I refuse to believe this. Even though he’s been able to win 4…no wait 3…no wait 2 no wait… ZERO BCS championships for the Golden Domers, I will refuse to believe that he’ll be a good NFL quarterback. What I would love to see is a Shawne Merriman/Ray Lewis style introduction to the league for that kid if he ever makes it that far.

At least for the teams above at least there will a quarterback heavy draft this year. Colt McCoy (UT), Jevan Snead (Ole Miss) Tim Hiller (West Mich) and Sam Bradford (OU) should all coming out this year and could be the future of many of teams.  I still think Matt Grothe (USF) has tremendous potential as an NFL level talent by the way.

As for the rest of the NFL: Terrell Owens had his first receptionless game since 1996, which is just remarkable. He is still a huge talent in this league. The problem is he’s playing for Buffalo right now and its unfortunate to say that he may find himself having more games where he gets zero receptions.

TO’s former team, The Dallas Cowboys looked like crap last night. Even in their win they only managed 14 offensive points and Romo was unable to find the painted grass.  It’s not entirely his fault.  Jason  Garrett called some terrible plays in the red-zone. And this was against Carolina. As Chris Bermann would say Jake Delhomme may need to Delhomme at the end of the season. (I Hate you Chris Bermann)

The Packers had a nice bounce back win against the Greatest Farce on Turf (the Rams really suck).  Prediction: Marc Bulger will not be the Rams starter next year.

And how bout them Vikings? Brent lead the team to a spectacular victory against the surprisingly good 49ers.  There is 0% chance that that happens next week. I hope Nick Barnett has a bounty on Brent Farve’s head. I will concede that Percy Harvin is the real deal. And the Vikings are a pretty good team. Some improvement on Defense, and a quarterback for the future and they should be in a great position to win the division.

Johnny Knox –also a stud WR. Now if Matt Forte could run the ball like he did last year, he’d make every one of his fantasy owners extra happy. Yes Matt Forte is really shitting the bed this year.
Detroit winning their first game in 20 tries was nothing to really be surprised about. The Washington Redskins are something of a Joke. Detroit is playing in one of the hardest divisions in the NFL, but they should be able to scrounge up a few more wins before the year is done.

Arizona is starting to struggle this year too. Paging Dr. Leinart: The Cardinals need you in the huddle STAT.

Final note for this week in the NFL: As the Titans drop to 0-3 I hope for one thing. The team decides to PLAY VINCE YOUNG. He’s worth a shot. At 0-3 a team can pretty much only lose one or two more games before they are virtually out of playoff contention. So give the ball to a dynamic quarterback with great legs like Vince Young. Or at least run the wildcat.

Again folks sorry that it took til week three to talk about this, but I was super busy. Forgive me. Hopefully I’ll be back on Friday to talk about the weekend’s upcoming games.

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