Late Night Links 9/28

September 29, 2009

Hopefully these links will do you well

Text From Last night of the day

Mom’s on Craigslist are so naive

Awkward Family Photos – Spanish Prime Minister edition

The Internet thrives on Bullshit

20 tasteless signs

Spanking and your IQ

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s gmail

11 ways to have more spontaneous sex

Inner Monologue you’ll have when you sit next to a hot chick on a plane

25 dirty car window drawings

10 “stupidest” things guys like it was written by a chick, she wouldn’t understand

5 video game facebook status updates

120 Halloween Costume-less girls. (Body Paint is hot… is it SWF? I don’t know)

25 Retro/artsy movie posters

11 Badass Last Words

A round up Child Molester supporters

Awesomely fast go-cart

Shootin’ feeesh wit a bow – Yee haw

Rodney Harrison vs. TO -the twitter battle

USC Running Back has horrific sounding accident

10 sexy Yoga Videos

Secret Service Probes Facebook

Wisconsin Tourism Federation changes their name… wonder why.

Canada moving towards private health insurance

Will Romney botch his health care stance?

New (good) RNC ad

Palin finishes memoir early She promises it’ll have awesome pop ups and she won’t color in the pictures

Blog of the Day: Milwaukee Quizmaster Blog Go here. Pick a Bar. Get some Friends. Play trivia.

Another Blog: Awkward Yearbook Signatures

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