Bar Close Weekend Links

September 26, 2009

Here is some stuff to help you through post bar food tonight and help you remember tomorrow

Text from last night (of the day)

FML of the day (or of the past 9 months)

READ THIS FIRST (in case it happens through the course of the night)

Yes Please (click this last, I don’t want you leaving my site)

Eva Mendez is seriously hot yo (NSFW)

100 Worst movies of the decade Here’s a hint: if you’re in a movie with Martin Lawrence, Larry the Cable Guy or Eddie Murphy, you’re in a bad movie

28 days later in one minute

17 questionable t-shirts (one is actually cool. Guess which one)

Awesome Cabs

Is your girlfriend cheating?

Digg the Movie

Bikini Baristas are actually prostitutes

Best and Worst Occupations to date

This guy is a real leader

McCain to host Romney Fundraiser

Rush Limbaugh On Jay Leno (if you missed it)

Leftists now support religion in schools

Hannity interviews socialists at G20 (socialists are idiots, but they’re college students and deserve to be taken to tax)

Jon Stewart interviews Blaggo

SNL on Glenn Beck/Obama’s interviews (Jason Sudeikis does a good Glenn Beck)

if Matt Damon wasn’t such a political douche I’d watch his movies

Dateline Producers are douchebags


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