Late Night Links 9/23

September 23, 2009

A good list of fun stuff to keep your night going or to start tomorrow off right for you:

Tucker Max opens Friday (with list of theatres)

Text From Last Night (of tonight) Runner Up

So Sad so FML

it will hurt to read this

Palin resurfaces in Asia to bash Obama

Gaddafi uspstages Obama

Germans blow off Iran Pres at UN

Vanity Plate Win

After you lose at USC you party hard

10 movies with terrible showings of athleticism

Badger Fans: Douchebags

Chad Ochoasshole

Earn money as an artist

25 barely clothed chicks with weapons

ACORN sues Pimp

Glenn Beck is seriously crazy yo

Youth kind of not so happy with Obama

David Paterson’s wife calls it like it is

Fat Kids getting hurt montage

Awkward cakes

Ashley Tisdale back to blonde

Panda’s are stupid

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