Late night Links 9/21

September 22, 2009

Good stuff on tap tonight if you’re working late. Or if you need a pick me up save some of this sweet sweet linkage til tomorrow at work

Text from last night (of tonight) Runner Up

This man is an American Hero

Mytattoosucks.com not totally safe for work, but your coworkers will forgive you when they see how funny these bad tattoos are

25 Passive Aggressive work Kitchen notes

get on your coworker without being caught

Glenn Beck said what? Ok McCain did kinda suck in the campaign but…

The Mark Foley radio show?

Tim Pawlenty for President?

Biden: if Repubs take 2010 we’re going to have Bi-partisanship! That’s terrible news

Privatize the Milwaukee Co. Zoo? yes please

A weird colored Lizard from Kenya – no not the president

How to survive the swine flu

Lindsay Lohan is a back ally hooker

The Mad Photo-bomber

Megan Fox: not that great at acting

Make your own kegerator

The Babes of Octoberfest

Wizards use google

Rant of the Emo Potato

I know someone girls that’ll end like this

Rules that you should have learned at college by now

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