Happy Hour Links 9/22

September 22, 2009

It’s offically Fall today.

Plaxico Buress sentenced today

Meg Whitman to run for Cali Gov (Republican)

Jay Leno has ten questions for Barney Frank -he’s actually funny

Those “Offensive” Obama Signs

Ben Stein gets angry

ACORN the tax cheat

A nerd debate about Fonts

is this a Tucker Max reference? or Tim Tebow?

Morgan Freeman on race -hope he still feels this way

An abortion addiction? Dude WTF

Bob Saget. All that needs to be said, just click the link

Goal for life: Attend a Playboy Mansion party

5 thinks that’ll help you end a date quickly

Perez Hilton is an ass -there I said it (again)

13 scary animals

Costume Fail


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