Happy Hour Links 9/15

September 15, 2009

Why to Date an Asian

Racism is alive and well (yeah it’s a black kid beating a white kid)

Main Stream media forgets about how crazy the anti-Bush crowd was

This is how you treat Megan Fox

Art of the Part Makeout

Just because Kanye hates her doesn’t make her less hot

top 10 kanye haters

the 11th Hater

How I’ll remember Patrick Swayze

Snake with a foot

Wisconsin has a shitty flag

ACORN Busted The chick that did this was pretty hot, but what they did was completely illegal.

The Ladies of ACORN

Art of a one night stand

Bad Zombie Survival Tactics

5 unresolved TV plots

49ers Reduce Crabtree’s offer Michael Crabtree is the dumbest POS in the NFL

Odd band Names

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