Live blogging Bears Packers game

September 14, 2009

Eating chili while watching the bears game at my buddies house. There is one Bear fan, 2 Packer fans and two neutral fans. One is cheering against me because I am playing agaisnt him in fanasty football. I am starting Greg Jennings and Matt Forte tonight.

Pre-game: God I hate Keith Olbermann.

First packer offense. Good return for Jordy who has a great name. Jennings got one grab.

Crosby missed a fricken field goal.

Bears first series Packers played good defense.

Packers second series: good completion to Jennings. Rodgers is looking good. Way to scrable. Except now.

Were debating miller lite commercials. I like the new ones. I am alone in this opinion. I also miss the commish commercials

Great scramble. Too bad he over threw Driver by just a bit. Should I worry about Hester? No.

Bears second Urlacher laid out rodgers. No call? Way to get 3 yards Forte. Good defense and blitz. Good hit by Collins. Would like to see the packers play some good 3rd down defense Jay Cuntler should not have thrown that ball. Aaron kampman needed a flag. Twice! And here’s a flag… Gives bears a first down. Interception! That was three passes in the making.

Packers 3rd series. Driver couldn’t grab that one. The lost the punt in the lights. That’s too bad.

Why is NBC using lady gaga poker face? I want to watch community.

Bears 3rd series: forte needs to get positive yards. There we go. That’s 7 yards. Cheering against the Packers defense is tough. Way to drop the pass olsen. Jordy Nelson. This years devin hester.

2nd quarter: what dumb female would wear a favre Vikings jersey to this game.

Bears 4th series. Forte needs to not lose yards. Like that 8 yard run. Another risky Cutler pass. He’s 4-11 now. No peanlty on the punt. I’m happy about that.
Cutler has a 10.8 qb rating hehehehe

Packers 5th series: I’m not a fan of running up the middle with grant all the time. Good completions to driver and Jennings. That’s the type of runs I want grant to do. A little left right action. 13 yards. Grant has another good run. But a hold from Jason sits. He never had a penality last year. Lee is getting agressive. I like it. Crosby puts up a nice field goal. I chip away at my fantasy deficite

Bears are run by a senile old bag. Who knew?

F you Johnny Knox. Woodson really got beat. But bears can’t capitalize yet. Johnny Jolly intercepts a fucking scren pass.

Cutler is a whiney little girl.

Fricken Rodgers a safety?!? Packers have to put to Chicago now. eff

This game is very physical. Cutler is 7/15 with 2 of those going to the wrong team. 3rd INT. Takes it back to the two.

Challenge! His lefts drags. Woodson caused the fumble. He was out of bounds first. Let’s see if the refs see it my way. They did. Packers ball at the one yard line and challenge got the packers two yards

Crosby puts a kick off through the uprights
Forte gets some good yards. Chillar has a great athletic leap frog of forte for the sack.

Rodgers makes another risk pass. Over throws again too. That’s tough. Bears d is doing well and that bothers me. Johnny Knox is the only player that has been playing well for the bears. Even if his catch was negated by Johnny jolly. Packers hold the bears. To halftime

Bears should go for it. But cutler has to waste a timeout. Does Brett favre do just for men commercials yet? I think cutler got it. Cutler lofts it to Hester For the TD. I would have went for two afterwards but that’s just me.

Jordy has anoter good return. Urlacher is injured? Rodgers is having trouble getting the ball out under pressure. Collins out with cramps. Wish Jordy would have grabbed that. Wynn should have had that too.

Hester runs 40 yards to gain three

So the blog kind of died for a moment and now Lovie SMith is gonna challenge too many men on the field. Not sure what I see. Packer player was off the field of play. But it’s still 4th and 6 even if the challege is correct. But is not

If i am mike McCarthy here I am going to the endzone. Right here. I guess
Not. Driver cut it out a bit early. 3rd and 3. That’s coming back on a hold but Rodgers ran for the 1st otherwise. Jennings needed another little push but crosby nabbed me some points and the packers the lead.

Bigby landed on his leg funny. Aaron Rouse looks like Lena Taylor. I like the packers defense here.


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