Bar close links

September 9, 2009

I find that trying to get links by 5pm is work. Doing it when I get home from the bars is fun

its 9.9.09 ooooh

When you’re at work tomorrow play this do fake work to get out of doing work

Impressive use of athlete’s vocabulary

7 examples of bad porn acting (NSFW)

Big ass rat

Emma Watson not dating me

Ask a Texans cheerleader

Worst. Sequel. Ever

8 ways to brainwash your kids politcally

Are you Pro Tila or Pro Shawne….can’t wait to get a t-shirt that indicates my opinion

Republicans reading Alinsky? Its about f-ing time

Jon Hates Kate (we all hate Kate)

Baseball pretends to get angry at what the Brewers do (if reporters cant take a joke F em)

Worst. Wrestler. Ever

Strip club enjoyment on $30

Best. Movie Review. Ever

Mad men in 60 seconds

Tucker Max movie tour so far

Text from last night (of the night)

20 awkward internet moments

John McCain of 2000 for president

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