Links to get you through the day

September 8, 2009

I’m not sure if anyone wants to go back to work/class tomorrow. Summer is unofficially over… but here’s some fun links to perk you up

The best college reading you will ever need

Sexiest things that will be gone until May

Shawne Merriman gives girlfriend a shot at love (wait no he didnt)

Cool Underwater pictures

Sexy demotivational pictures (NSFW)

6 fake foods you love

the 5 smells any freshman can recognize by now

Your job can’t be this crappy

Kim Kardashian hottie of the day

Girls with pasties

How to make a sex tape

Hoops is coming up though: 25 players you’ll know by spring

Weird baseball contract clauses

Oddest movie fight scenes

Bizarre wines

Try these office pranks


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