Late Evening Links 9/3

September 4, 2009

Yeah it’s back to back nights where my links have come later… I thought you’d be coming back from thirsty Thursday greasy burger and fries in hand and you want something to read because googling boobs doesn’t do it for you anymore:

Happy 40th Birthday of the internet -tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of internet porn-

Mitt Romney can’t hide the fact he’s running for president again very well

The UK has the worlds most drunk teenagers

Tweets about Erin Andrews latest (non) nude TV appearance

Going over the swing bar does not throw you into another dimension

Hate every team in the top 25

I still think Britney Spears is hot

10 funniest back to school tips (brought to you by Family Guy)

Most known BS animal stories

12 dumb criminal athletes

21 Presidential vacation no-nos

Douchebag Green Czar says “what?”

10 people on facebook who suck

Rick Reilly Plagiarizes better writers

12 funny roller coaster pictures (I’ve been in a funnier one)

Japan’s new first lady is battshit crazy

These NASCAR drivers suck Presidential Wang
On this: A) Tony Stewert is fat B) Jeff Gordon is gay C) Dale Earnhardt Jr should have hit that walk D) Carl Edward is Jeff Gordon’s Catcher E) Juan Pablo Montoya? Lemme see a fricken green card buddy

Butterface babes (Not safe for life) 2 of my ex-s fall here HI-OH!
—Secondary joke: Lady Gaga is a buh-buh-buh butterface buhbuh butterface—

Redskins sue Fans

If Obama care was in effect now, this guy will still not have his finger reattached

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