Late Night Links 9/2

September 3, 2009

Yeah it’s a little behind but I thought I’d deliver with some sweet College Stuff to help the younger freshman readers out:

The Freshman meal plan

A guide to your RA through door decorations

College is all about Ice Breakers

Does “oh God” count

10 offensive Hand gestures

Where I come from we say “C the C” cut the cord with these girls

Celebs that did terrible things

Texts from last night (of tonight): I hope Favre-ing becomes a verb, Cards I would buy, this is what college means to me

FML of the Day

Rumors of another SCOTUS Justice retiring?

Curt Shilling for Senate? I like it, deadspin doesn’t

The Kansas City Chiefs wanted McCain to win

Levi Johnson: Douchebag

50 lingerie football girls who tweet

I just realized It’s Always Sunny is a good show. so this is funny to me

File this under WTF

Farting at a bad time

High School football player makes play of his life (and similar metaphors)

Government loses a lot of stuff

Try these shots at the next freshman kegger and girls will love you:

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