The End of the World is coming

August 26, 2009

For those of you who don’t watch the Discovery Channel all to much, you may have not seen the shows surrounding the Mayan theory that the world is coming to the end on December 21st 2012 (Which should be about 7 weeks after Sarah Palin is elected president).  December 21st is a cool date for any number of  other reasons which are grounds for a killer party (hell if the world ends we won’t have to pay the bar tab). There are many other ancient cultures that believed that December 21st 2012 is a day of impending doom. Just check it all out here. There are many different ways the world could end, but many involve pain, explosions and fire. Sean Hannity covers the end of the world:

Call me skeptical because the lack of Jesus in all of this. But nonetheless, if you’ve caught some of these TV shows, you might have caught the ads for the Institute for Human Continuity, a group set out to save us all. Actually its not going to save all of us, just a select few of us (me included). You may also have seen the blogger that looks remarkably close to Woody Harrelson talking about the end of the world, or heard about  the book “Farewell Atlantis

The Institute for Human Continuity is really a clever viral marketing campaign for the movie: 2012. I’m just a real big fan of good viral marketing, especially fake TV ads. They kind of remind me of videos you watch before getting on a ride at Disney World.  The movie looks pretty entertaining, and maybe the world will end in 2012, maybe not. If it does end, the movie will look like a brilliant premonition, if not it’s gonna look silly.


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