Official Beer Pong Rules

August 25, 2009

As an aid to all incoming college students as well as those who returning for another year, The Mug Rack has decided to compile and post their list of the Official Beer Pong Rules. Though these rules are set for any of the games we here at the mug rack play, remember one think above all else: These rules can be modified or changed by the house.  These should go on like a poster or something though, they are that good.

  1. PREP
    1. 3 Beers for 10 cups per side
    2. Cups are arranged in a triangular manner to that of a bowling pin set up
    3. One additional cup per side for water
    4. Volley to Start:
      1. i.      Players from each team shoot at the same time, while making eye contact. First team to sink a ball starts the game
  1. Any ball that lands into a cup must be drank on the spot
  2. Your elbow may not be allowed to cross the end of the table while shooting.
  3. If on the team’s first shots, both balls land in the middle cup it’s an automatic win for the shooting team.
  4. No cups may be removed from the table, if sunk, until both players from the shooting team have completed their turn *debatable rule, House rules always trump*
  5. If the shooting team lands two balls into two cups, those cups plus one are removed and the shooting team gets another turn
  6. Opponent may not interfere with a ball in the air
    1. i.      If a ball is interfered with, the shot is redone and the interference results in the removal of one cup
    2. ii.      If a ball is interfered with and the ball still lands in a cup, the interference results in the removal of two cups.
    3. Before the game begins players can declare NBA Jam Rules in affect:
      1. i.      If a player sinks two balls in a row they must call ‘Heating up’
      2. ii.      If after they have called “heating up” and a third shot in a row sunk they must call “On Fire”
        1. If a player is “on fire”, they are allowed to shoot until they miss
    4. BOUNCES:
      1. i.      A team may attempt to bounce a ball into their opponents cups:
        1. HOWEVER The opposing team may swat the bounce
        2. If the bounced ball lands in a cup, that cup plus one is removed
        3. if playing with members of the opposite sex (or at a party where the girl to guy ratio is favorable for the guys), the team that bounces the ball and misses must remove one article of clothing (socks or shoes do not count)
    5. A ball is spinning in the cup you may attempt to remove it out before it touches the cups contents IF:
      1. i.      A girl may “blow” the ball out of the cup
      2. ii.      A guy may “finger” the ball out of the cup
      3. iii.      HOWEVER: if ball is removed from one cup and lands in another, both are sunk
    6. Drinking of eliminated cups rotates between players of the same team
      1. i.      No guest drinkers
      2. ii.      You finish what you start
    7. RERACKS
      1. i.      A team may request a rerack before the start of their turn.
      2. ii.      A team may request 2 reracks per game
      3. iii.      Reracks may be set up in any form requested by the opposing team
      1. i.      Do what you have to, to distract the other team
      2. ii.      Distractions may not cross the back line of the table
    9. END OF GAME
      1. i.      After a team has sunk the last cup of their opponent, that team is allowed to rebuttal.
        1. In rebuttal, the each player of team who’s last cup was sunk shoots until they miss.
          1. If the players miss before sinking the last cup of their opponent, they drink the remaining cups*
            1. i.      A team may drink that remaining beer at their leisure unless there is a shortage of beer pong cups
            2. If the team is able to sink the last cup of their opponent as well (so that each team has had all their cups sunk), the game goes into OVERTIME
              1. i.      Overtime consists of 1 beer per side for three cups arranged in triangle fashion
              2. ii.      Regular game rules apply
              3. iii.      If the game goes into a second overtime the process repeated adding another row of cups and a second beer per side.

Now get out there and enjoy some beer pong!


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