Happy Hour links 8/24

August 24, 2009

Yeah I took a vacation this weekend, so what want to fight about it?

We’re gonna be dedicating the next week to your Return to College. Hints tips and hilarity

Here’s some fun links that should make things up to you:

One pint of beer … equals 1/2 college credit in philosophy

Texts from last night (of the day) that are hilarious: 1, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, what the hell’s a jiggawat?, Ironic Text from last night, I’ve done this, that’s why I joined facebook

Yahoo agrees with my assessment of the Brian Brohm

Obama wants a baby penis czar

Cute Censorship

Where’s Bob Uecker or FTW?

More important than your freshman roommate agreement

Cindy Sheehan Hates Obama too

Check out this Fatty Giants fan crying!

Your body at the gym

John Notle on The Upcoming Sinatra Biopic

Celebs that play World of Warcraft

Its kind of like that scene from The Godfather with the horse, except for a Brett Favre goat

Rep Steve Kagen – slippery like jell-o

Mike Williams for senate

Super offensive magazine ad

websites of the future

Welcome (back) to College! Its that time of year when Freshman girls Learn by doing


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