Some people are not fans of Meghan McCain

August 18, 2009


Heck of an opening from New York Post op-ed writer Kirsten Fleming, and there are a lot of comments from readers who agree with her.  Admittedly you’ll have to fight through rather vicious insults it get to any real depth but more than just one op-ed writer aren’t happy with the girl.

I was 50/50 on the daughter of the Arizona Senator and twice presidential candidate if I agree with her polices or not. At first I thought it would be great to have a younger attractive female to become the face of the next generation of Republicans.  Because the political knows the Republican’s are struggling at attracting cute girls to be the face of the party.  I even thought that Meghan could be successful politically in her own right if she were to ever run. Before Meghan it did seem like the GOP was struggling to get the attention of a younger generation, so this had to be a slam dunk for the Republicans right?

Then she talked, and talked, and talked (on all the liberal talk shows I might add)… and I realized she is closer to the Paris Hilton of politics than she is a political heavy weight.  It’s true, she’s basically politically famous for being on the TV screen at the same time as her father and being able to look good (debatable I know; Laura Ingram and I disagree there). And here I am trying to be a successful pundit by using my razor sharp wit and quasi-politically incorrect sense humor. That’s not getting me very far is it? And that girl is getting an F-ing book deal! My dad has lost two elections, so by the transitive property…Maybe if I started bashing more of the mainstream conservative heavyweights on a regular basis the daily beast, Rachel Madow Show or Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher would notice me.

I digress. Let’s break down Fleming’s article:

[Meghan McCain] anointed herself head cheerleader on a one-woman squad, and went to work on her vision of a new Republican Party. A kinder, more gentle GOP where all everyone felt loved. In essence, one that would look more like an elephant in donkey’s clothing.

It’s incredibly true that in 2008, John McCain ran not as a Republican but as ‘Democrat lite’, and then overcompensated by trying to win back the base by picking (and not vetting) Sarah Palin. And the worst kept secret from the 2008 election cycle is that McCain wanted Lieberman to be his running mate instead of Palin. Except the real GOP wouldn’t tolerate such blasphemy.  In reality, John McCain was no one’s first choice and I think he worked too hard to get moderates/moderate democrats instead of trying to secure his own based (which he did not have and consequently underperformed). I’ll stop here but I could probably write a whole book on how Republican’s failed in 2008 but my dad didn’t run for president.

The Daily Beast, Tina Brown’s answer for those who thought the Huffington Post wasn’t left-wing enough, gave her a weekly column and she was promptly booked on every Republican-hating show from “The View” to Bill Maher. Boy did she deliver — a perfect underhand lob right over team liberal’s home plate. With her bleached blond hair, heavy eyeliner and oodles of “umms” and “likes” she looked more like Lauren Conrad than Peggy Noonan.

Then came the blogs … oh the blogs! Posts riddled with self-indulgent drivel and giggling suggestions on how bring more youth into the listless party fold. “Go Gay, GOP!” Each had one overarching theme: To win, the Republicans needed to be more like … the Democrats.

“I don’t know exactly what about me threatens them (Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter and Co.) so much, other than that people are listening to me,” she writes in her latest cranium-inflating missive to the kids on the Internets. She brags that she has twice as many followers on Twitter as Malkin. “And trust me, Twitter is more of an indication of where young people are than books published.” Books are so for old people! The blond muppet courageously took on the forces of hate mongering on the “View.” What about her hate mongering? Meghan addressing Cheney and Rove: “You had your eight years, now go away.”

Let me pause here again and ask Meghan to start taking her own advice. George did have eight years and he only needed one try to get to the White House, your dad had two tries and failed in spectacular fashion both times, maybe you should go away? Yes I know without Meghan McCain, neither Fleming nor I would have much to rant about and her dad wouldn’t have anyone to fight his battles for him. I think it would be easier Meghan would just come out and admit that she still hates George Bush and co. for pulling the most brilliant, grand and over the top character assassination of her father in 2000 that valued George Bush to the president and made John McCain into the cantankerous Grandpa McGrumypants. Prior to that, McCain was on his way to being President. Now he’s a two time loser who uses his daughter as a mouth piece to attempt push the GOP (and younger impressionable moderate Republicans) farther to the left and rattle the cages of real Republicans. Though if she would leave her NYC flat for more than a few minutes she’d begin to realize that people do not want a choice between socialists and socialists lite. Just take note of what’s going on at the Town Hall meetings, people don’t want moderate anything.

But weighing in on an opinion like that may be too over the top for her. It seems like the depth of her comments regarding the GOP involve taking a more open policy towards the gay community. Never once has she uttered even the shortest tweet about health care, foreign policy, fiscal responsibility or any current political events. She has kept her twitter followers abreast of her dating life, drinking with her girlfriends and her enjoyment of the word “mother fucker.”

Fleming ends the article with a request for her:

Meghan, they’re using you to make the GOP look broken and stupid; and I can only imagine you’re using them for fame. But please, if you do care about your father’s party, stop.

But she’s still kind of attractive right? Can’t wait to read your book



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