Brett Favre returns…

August 18, 2009

… to the Vikings.

Looks like after waffling for months, declaring he was done, declaring he was considering coming back, declaring he was done again and now he’s ready to stick it to Ted Thompson play football again for the inner division rivals the Minnesota Vikings.

Is there an upside to signing the NFL’s all time leader in interceptions for $10 – 12 million dollars? How will the Vikings fare with Favre at the helm? In my opinion a 39 year old Favre may be better than Tavaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels but he probably isn’t  better than Aaron Rodgers or Jay Cutler, especially if Brett’s shoulder is breaking .  Thought the passing game will improve the Packers have a better wide receiving core.  The Vikings probably have the best running game but that means all Favre has to do is hand the ball to Peterson. Defensively the Packers are much better than the Vikings though the Vikings run defense is pretty strong. Favre’s record against other teams in the NFC North could be enough of a selling point for the Vikings to keep him around. He’s a combined 44-16 against the Bears and the Lions, but he is 6-10 in the Metrodome.

In my opinion, yes the Vikings are a better team with Favre, but how much? I don’t think that it makes the Vikings a playoff contending team.  Favre through 9 interceptions in the last 5 games of the season there. He had a 6 interception game in 2002 and Favre is well know for just heaving the ball down field and hoping for the best. However, the Vikings are playing teams from NFC West and AFC North as well as 6 games with the NFC North opponents which translates to one of the easiest schedules in the league. There are a lot of IFs but I think that Brett Favre will be the exact same Brett Favre that shit the bed with the Jets last year and cause the Vikings to blow up internally and not make the playoffs.

The Packers are scheduled to play the Vikings in Minnesota in a Monday night game on October 5 and then at Lambeau on November 1.  I wish so badly I could have tickets to that game in hopes of watching AJ Hawk come through the center and just run over Favre.

Anyone else think Diana Favre is basically Dennis Quaid’s wife in “Any Given Sunday?” The wife that pushes her aging husband into playing no matter what his physical condition.


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