Bar Close Links

August 16, 2009

See I told you I’d make Friday up to y’all.  So while you slam down a giant burger and fries with everything on it, with a few bottles of water, read this:

“A drunk man’s thoughts are a sober man’s thoughts.”  Remember that when you’re drunk texting tonight

Speaking of texts… never do/text this or this.

Five reasons you aren’t going home with a smart girl But come on, a smart girl isn’t gonna do that

Sloan Peterson, best girlfriend ever

Here’s how you do a Beer Run correctly

Do all male Cubs fans like t0 enjoy the company of other men?

Jerry Moyes is bad at what he does

This could be you when you sober up

Kevin Hench hates Vince Young, Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart… but he still isn’t Jason Witlock

Dear Chase Utley, your wife’s mouth is good for one thing, and it isn’t talking. PS I hope you aren’t allergic to dogs

At least the Denver Broncos are good at one thing, but Kyle Orton Sucks

this is AWESOME

It’s like lol Catz but not as funny

Democrat congresswoman cancels town hall, Republican challenger takes her place

Which side is winning the healthcare debate?

This week in poli-quotes

Ironic? Or bad female drivers

Naked Lady Gaga? Meh I guess

Whats better than chewing gum? Chewing gum with a boner

Apply for College scholarships here

Hottie of the Night. She’s pretty hot in “The Goods” so go with it.

Click here, then go back to doing what you normally do. Then decide if you feel like a Silence of the Lambs character

ok, thanks for reading you may now go back to looking at what you normally look at at this time of night.


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