Happy Hour links 8/13

August 13, 2009

Do some shots of Jameson for Irish fest!

We’ve got our own recipe for Irish stew: Get some meat, some potatoes and a lot of Guinness Stout. Drink all of the stout. Forget about the stew

Text from last night (of the day), Runner Up

Les Paul dies at 94

It’s not a cooool video

5 of the Best Baseball Fights

We need Red Leader’s leadership now more than ever Except he died

At least Brad Pitt knows he’d be bad at politics

Arlen Spector is circling the drain

Fake Sex with Statues

Jay Cutler is dead to Denver, I hope Jay Cutler gets diabetes

Wait a second Those Obama/Hitler posters were done by Communists?

Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh to guest star on Family Guy

Family Guy Abortion Episode Table Read

and it’s no nay never no more

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