Happy Hour links 8/11

August 11, 2009

Today’s Beer Quote: Sir, you are drunk!” and ”Madam, you are ugly. In the morning, I shall be sober.” – Bessie Braddock and Wiston Churchill

Text from last night (of the day)

Hottie of the Day- Gamers can be sexy

Only because this girl isn’t legal

It’s mean but consider it work out motivation

Hot Object? of the day

The Best of Craigslist?

The Jews are Responsible for Astroturf

Majority leader Harry Reid would lose seat

I was once punched by Piglet, does that count?

Yes We’re screwed

This shouldn’t surprise anyone

Dumbass of the day I’d punch Ed Shultz in the face if I could

In America, killing a dog is worse than killing somewhen when you’re drunk and high

500 lb prisoner hides gun under fat roll -also, it’s a guy

Milwaukee’s top 7 (because in Milwaukee 7s think they are 10s)

Sega is still bitter

You don’t need an ID to vote but you need one to go to a town hall

Awesome video game music live

In honor of Donte Stallworth

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