Sunday Funday 8/9

August 10, 2009

What you probably missed this weekend if you were out having fun:

Tip: Don’t facebook friend your boss

I wouldn’t recommend this

Every Fundraiser needs a catch

G.I JObama

He deserved this

Thomas Jefferson on the healthcare debate

This will be said at my wedding

A Rubik’s cube and Guitar Hero at the same time. The kid didn’t play the song perfectly so its not that good

Read what our leader reads

This weekend in one liners

Does Obama want to kill grandpa?

Sweetie, it’s not you it’s me

If you think genre spoof movies are funny, you’re either stoned or an idiot

ew ew Ew Ew EW EW!

Obama Anonymous. There are twelve steps to quitting

Democrats scared of holding town halls

We’re scared for you brother

Examples in Journalistic Integrity

Examples in Journalistic Douchebaggery

Greatest spoof video ever:


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