Happy hour links 8/10

August 10, 2009

It’s Monday, but that’s a fine excuse to drink

Text from last night (of the day),  no honor in this mention

FML of the day

T-pain has really sold out

They are all crazy b*tches, especially this one

15 clever business cards

But Star Wars is real!

If only fishing was this easy for me

I’ve already made it know that I want to be with Lisa Turtle additional links of vary (N)SFW degrees

The Worst test to fail

This is why Gwen Moore is literally the worst congressperson EVER

4 block economy

big ass Sandwiches

Are Judd Apatow Movies morally conservative?

Democrat Fail

Demotivational car posters

Bristol Palin’s Baby Mom and Kathy Griffin?

Against Obama? you’re still a racist

I always thought this place was the other type of sausagefest

Blog of the day: The People’s Mob, because we endorse the revolution

Beer Soda of the day: Sprecher Puma Kola. I haven’t had this stuff in a long time but I found it at a store again. It’s a great old fashioned soda with a ton of sugar. Guaranteedto give you a caffeine level buzz

This may already be the play of this very young 09-10 NFL season:


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