The Best of Milwaukee 2009

August 7, 2009

Every year Shepherd Express compiles a list of the best business/people/events/food in Milwaukee as voted on by the readers. This is your chance to start a pissing contest with all of your buddies over the best food in the area. Of course Milwaukee’s best burger is a heated category. Will Sobelman’s take the coveted title this year or will a new champion emerge? There is also a write in option for most categories but it seems like that may be doing more harm than good. That is, unless Brocach Irish Pub for the most romantic restaurant/pub in Milwaukee is an homage to Jessica McBride and Ed Flynn.

We’re not going to tell you who to vote for, but we will say that if you just look at our twitter feed, you’ll see what business in Milwaukee we like. And if you’ve read anything that has come out of this blog, you’ll know that Lena Taylor won’t be our pick of best legislator (so we kind of disagree with the Shepherd express.

Its a big list of thing’s to vote for Make sure to get out an vote for the Best of Milwaukee! You have until September 30th.


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