Happy Hour Links 8/7

August 7, 2009

It’s Friday!

Here are our follow fridays:@blatzliquor, @lisasink, @jwigderson, @telie, @Cuprisin, @TheTeditorial

Following (former) JS people should be interesting over the next few days/weeks

TMI, but funny

Words don’t describe the lameness

FML of the day

Text from last night (of the day)

its a penis… (not penises probably SFW)

Facebook’s most annoying

Fake monsters that people believed

Wrestler’s Real names

America’s hottest news casters

Speaking of the Hottie of the day, because of the current war of words between Meghan McCain and Michelle Malkin, I’m calling them our hotties of the day… someone get a whole lot of pudding and a kiddie pool.

Not hotties of the day (not safe for life)

5 guys vs In-N-Out

Cheerleaders of the Preseason top 10

Jesus back on the brewers

Is every town hall meeting a train wreck? John Dingell deserves it, he’s a dumbass

Mob Rule doesn’t sound that bad

Doesn’t matter if your Jewish, if you’re a Republican, Dems think you’re a Nazi

Dem Senator not a fan of constitution

Obama wants you to snitch?

Blog of the day: The Blatz Cave. All about beer and other fun stuff from the owner/opperator of Blatz Market and Liquor. Go there, shop there, drink there

A great Friday song, because we find ourselves in the same old mess…


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