Happy Hour Links 8/6

August 6, 2009

Thirsty for Thursday’s best from around the net

I would too

Text from last night (of the day)

Nazi Eugenics with a smile

Sturgis biker babes (NSFW, just don’t lick this link)

Sturgis Biker Babes 2 (click this link)

Sturgis Biker Babes 3 (it’s as if the above two links combined, NSFW)

Why stop at saved by the bell?

Do you want EA’s post peephole tear fest?

Police shatter 7 year olds dream of Disney World

Link baby

straight girls fake being a lesbian because they think it helps the environment or something

Oh and that’s permanent?

Match the mug shot

This is juvenile, immature and F-ing AWESOME

You’re right, it’s an Art that only maxim can teach

Blog of the Day: Miller Park Drunk. He loves the Brewers, He drinks beer and he blogs, he’s like one of us! It’s pretty funny and informative stuff from a die hard fan, you gotta love it.

These guys will be at the WI State Fair:


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