Happy Hour Links 8/5

August 5, 2009

Cheap Boxed wine Wednesday and Dollar shots off the bar girls

The Wisconsin State Fair opens tomorrow; here are the 20 best foods on sticks

ESPN’s social networking rules

FML of the Day (we agree your life is F’d)

Text from last night (of the day)

Nine minutes of Sarcasm and Crazy courtesy of Glenn Beck

Lou Holtz for the Florida 24th and as a Republican no less

these aren’t fake pictures

these arent either (NSFW) Its a High School Musical Star naked again. Sadly it’s not Ashley Tisdale, but the naked HSM girl is our hottie of the day by default.

Hotties of the 80’s and early 90’s at the Palo Alta Cougar Convention

Which restroom personality do you have

Dumbass(es) of the day:  Steve Kagen and Babs Boxer

He did act stupidly about the Harvard Professor arrest didnt he?

Join this mob

All women are Krazy, but the ones in Menasha…

It’s All Kate’s Fault! 

Your next five video games

Gross Animals

We want to be your drinking buddy

Blog of the Day : Uncoached.com. Because unbelievable hotness can’t be taught

It’s not alcohol related, but they’re playing at the WI State Fair.


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