[Update] Tiger Woods… did he or didn’t he

August 4, 2009

Who puts a microphone that close to Tiger’s ass?
Already being labeled as FartGate, its possible that during his Buick Open win on Sunday Tiger Woods, Golf God, Farted.

We can’t be certain whether Tiger does in fact pass gas, but a fart-like noise can also be heard in the audio, as well as laughing from the individuals watching it.

From Deadspin: But how were we to know that CBS would actually send takedown notices to YouTube, claiming copyright violations against the people who uploaded five second clips of a fart sound? Or that CBS would claim to have investigated the matter and ruled out Eldrick as the culprit? It’s a breathtaking display in how to turn a stupid video you wish would go away into a viral smash hit. Not silent equals very deadly.

You be the judge. I think he ripped a big one because by the look of it, it seems like he is taking a few seconds trying to work the fart out.

[UPDATE] TIGER DID NOT CUT THE CHEESE. It was CBS golf analysit David Feherty.  It seems as though Woods and Feherty have a Fart-Feud in which they both try to out bodily function the other.


One comment

  1. Give me a break. He farts. Jeeze join the rest of guys who are experts at farts. Maybe it should be SBD- http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/
    Besides fart jokes are cool.

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